Membership Fees and Classes

Membership is limited to persons interested in furthering the objects of FOPL and shall consist of anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the approval of the Board.

Membership Classes:

There are three classes of members of FOPL:

Library Members, being public library boards, bodies deemed by legislation to be such a board, First Nations’ Chiefs and Councils, or public libraries existing as committees of council in Ontario as defined by the Public Libraries Act (Ontario) or other applicable legislation, which pay the membership fee provided for in the By-laws.

Delegates, being those individuals nominated for membership from time to time by Library Members to be their representatives to the Caucuses.

Associate Members, being other organizations which support the objectives of FOPL and the public library community, and which are important to its future well-being. The Board may in its discretion grant other organizations Associate Member status, subject to application being made by any such association, and the association paying the Associate Member’s fee.

To apply for membership, please contact our staff, and they will be happy to assist you with the application or renewal process.


New fee rates will apply for the 2022 Membership year:

First Nations Public Libraries                                                   $50
Population Under 5,000                                                    $75
Population Under 15,000                                                 $150
Population Under 30,000                                                 $900
Population Under 50,000                                             $2,000
Population Under 100,000                                              $3,250
Population Under 250,000                                             $5,500
Population Under 500,000                                             $7,500
Population Over 500,000                                          $10,000
County Libraries Please email