OpenMediaDesk Links for Francophone and French Immersion Learners

Samara Cull, a Francophone Caucus representative on the FOPL Board has kindly provided these French language links for your francophone users as well as your French immersion students. Thank you Samara! Matières variées Learn Alberta Site de l’Alberta, mais plusieurs concepts pareils dans toutes les matières Logiciel éducatif Plusieurs jeux éducatifs en ligne Diverses matières Divers groupes d’âge Taka T’amuser Plusieurs jeux éducatifs selon les âges Diverses matières Télé Québec coucou Multiples de jeux Émissions en français Allo Prof Diverses matières Pour parents et élèves (1e à la 12e) Vidéos d’apprentissage Jeux éducatifs Cyberprof pour de l’appui à la maison Radio Canada jeunesse Multiples de jeux, applications, concours Émissions en français Numératie NetMaths 3e à 11e année site interactif où les élèves peuvent pratiquer des concepts selon les attentes du curriculum selon des domaines be Maternelle à la 12e année Site de la Belgique, mais plusieurs concepts étudié Plusieurs activités interactives à choisir selon le domaine étudié Aquamath 3 Site interactif pour pratiquer les concepts de base en mathématique Site de l’Alberta, mais les mêmes... read more

Province reduces size of public gatherings to five, clamps down on price gougers

Province reduces size of public gatherings to five, clamps down on price gougers “Premier Doug Ford has stiff new penalties for price gougers — including $750 tickets on the spot — and a snitch line to call if consumers see hefty price tags on products needed in the fight against COVID-19. The province also clamped down on the size of gatherings, reducing them to five from the current 50, effective immediately, with exemptions for essential services like grocery stores, the premier said Saturday. There are a few exceptions, including for households with more than five people. Child-care centres looking after the kids of front-line workers will be allowed to have a maximum of 50 people. There’s also an exception for funerals, which will allow up to 10 people at a time. The province had previously restricted gatherings to a maximum of 50 people. “I can assure everyone that we will do everything in our power to stop this virus in its tracks,” Ford said in a statement released late Saturday night. Ford took aim at rogue retailers as well as people who were “loading up” on hand sanitizers, masks, disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, soap and household cleaners to sell online or in stores with major... read more