Canada Reads shortlist in multiple accessible formats from CELA

Canada Reads shortlist has been announced!   Canada Reads shortlist has been announced! CELA has partnered with CBC Books and Canada Reads again this year to ensure the featured titles are available to Canadians with print disabilities, in multiple formats, on the day the shortlist is announced. When promoting Canada Reads titles or programming to your patrons, please consider including information about the various accessible formats available. More information, including links to the full list of featured titles, is available at We are grateful to the CBC, and the publishers who work to ensure that all Canadians can participate in this important conversation. Congratulations to all the authors!   Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson Everyone knows a guy like Jared: the burnout kid in high school who sells weed cookies and has a scary mom who’s often wasted and wielding some kind of weapon. Jared does smoke and drink too much, and he does make the best cookies in town, and his mom is a mess, but he’s also a kid who has an immense capacity for compassion and an impulse to watch over people more than twice his age, and he can’t rely on anyone for consistent love and support, except for his flatulent pit bull, Baby Killer, and now she’s dead. Radicalized: Four Tales of Our Present Moment by Cory Doctorow Four novellas are connected by social, technological, and economic visions of today– and what America could be in the near, near future. It’s a world in which “smart” kitchen appliances will only work with certain manufacturers’ ingredients. In which a Superman-like figure attempts to rectify the corruption of police... read more

We need public libraries more than ever – and Ottawa will see the design for its new main branch today

Tierney: We need public libraries more than ever – and Ottawa will see the design for its new main branch today The truth is that we need libraries more than ever: as places to meet our neighbours, improve social inclusion, and discover quality literature and research that isn’t free on the Internet. Tierney: We need public libraries more than ever – and Ottawa will see the design for its new main branch... read more

REMINDER — RAPPEL : CFLA-FCAB 2020 Annual General Meeting / FCAB-CFLA 2020 assemblée générale annuelle

Bilingual message – Message bilingue Dear CFLA-FCAB Members, All documents are available online: Google Drive: CFLA-FCAB website: A reminder the designate voter forms (attached) are due by end of day Wednesday, January 22, 2020. ———- Chers membres,   Tous les documents sont disponibles en ligne : Fichier Google : Site Web de la FCAB-CFLA :    Un rappel que les formulaires de représentant(e) (ci-joint) doivent être reçus avant la fin de la journée du mercredi 22 janvier 2020.   Bilingual message – Message bilingue Notice to Members: CFLA-FCAB Annual General Meeting Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 10:30 AM EST Metro Toronto Convention Centre (during OLA Super Conference) 255 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario Please refer to the attached documentation for further information. ————- Avis aux membres : Assemblée générale annuelle de la FCAB‑CFLA Mercredi 29 janvier 2020 à 10 h 30 (HNE) Metro Toronto Convention Centre (lors de la superconférence de l’ABO) 255 rue Front O., Toronto (Ontario)  Veuillez consulter les documents ci-joints pour plus amples renseignements.   Best, Cordialement Katherine Katherine McColgan, CAE Executive Director — Directrice générale Canadian Federation of Library Associations Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques 75 rue Jolicoeur, Gatineau QC, J8Y 1A8 613.867.7789 @CFLAFCAB @kdmccolgan CFLA-FCAB recognizes the Algonquin peoples as the traditional custodians of the land in which our office is located. La FCAB-CFLA reconnaît les Algonquins comme les gardiens traditionnels des terres dans lesquelles se trouve notre secrétariat. FOPL will be present at this meeting to vote for our membership in... read more