Survey/Sondage : CFLA-FCAB Indigenous Matters Committee – Comité des questions autochtones (IMC-CQA)

Survey/Sondage : CFLA-FCAB Indigenous Matters Committee – Comité des questions autochtones (IMC-CQA) Reminder: If you missed the April 15th deadline, the next data assessment will be May 30th. Rappel : Si vous avez manqué l’échéance du 15 avril, la prochaine évaluation des données sera la 30 mai. Bilingual message – Please share widely and apologies for cross-posting Message bilingue – Veuillez le partager à volonté et S.V.P., excusez les envois multiples   The IMC-CQA working group responsible for promoting initiatives in all types of libraries to advance reconciliation by supporting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action and promoting collaboration on these issues across all Canadian library communities (the White Team) has developed a survey to allow libraries to report their activities and self-assess their progress. Responses to the survey will be used to guide the IMC-CQA and in particular, aid the White Team to compare reported activity against the TRC Calls to Action to identify good practice and detect gaps. We would like to encourage as many libraries as possible to participate to create a robust snapshot of the Canadian landscape. The deadlines are April 15, 2019 and May 30, 2019. English: For more information on the work of the Indigenous Matters Committee, please consult the CFLA-FCAB Indigenous Resources page at   ——————–   Le groupe de travail du CQA-IMC responsable de faire la promotion des initiatives dans tous les types de bibliothèques afin de faire avancer la réconciliation en appuyant les appels à l’action de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation (CVR) et afin de favoriser la collaboration à cet égard dans toutes les communautés de bibliothèques... read more

Advocacy Alert

Last week, we provided an update following the release of the 2019 Ontario Budget. With specific details about the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s budget for the coming year still to be determined, we committed to engaging further with our members as we continue to learn more. As many of you are aware, this week Ontario Library Service – North (OLS – North) and Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) announced that their budgets have been reduced for the 2019-20 year. We understand and share your concern about the impact on the services and other supports that OLS – North and SOLS provide to your libraries and local residents. Today, OLA and FOPL issued the following statement: “Public libraries are essential to people and families across Ontario, providing hundreds of services such as job training, access to broadband in under-serviced areas, children’s programming, and supporting lifelong learning. Today, in a formal statement, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport has committed to maintaining base funding for libraries across Ontario. We are working with the Ministry to fully understand the status of provincial support for public libraries. SOLS and OLS North provide highly-valued services, like inter-library loan, that give all people in Ontario, especially those in rural and Northern communities, the ability to access resources through their local public library. OLA and FOPL will be working with members, local public libraries and the Province to continue to discuss how libraries can provide the services and resources that residents rely upon.” OLA and FOPL are focused on our long-term strategy to continue to work with the Province  on the value of local public libraries.... read more