Review for Northern Ontario Public Libraries is now posted on the OLS-North website

The Review for Northern Ontario Public Libraries is now posted on the OLS-North website.  We encourage you to read the summary notes before reading the final report.   Please follow the link: L’étude sur les bibliothèques du Nord de l’Ontario est maintenant afficher sur notre site web.  S.v.p noter que l’étude n’a pas été traduit.  Si jamais vous avez besoin de l’aide avec la traduction, contactez moi. Nous vous encourageons à lire les faits saillants avant de lire le rapport final. S.v.p suivre le lien: Thank you/Merci Anne Langevin Executive Assistant/Adjointe administrative Ontario Library Service – North Service des bibliothèques de l’Ontario Nord 334 rue Regent St. Sudbury, ON P3C 4E2 Tel./Tél 705-675-6467 ext./poste 214 Tel./Tél 800-461-6348 ext./poste 214 Fax/Téléc. 705-675-2285

Free FOPL Webinar Announcement: Copyright with Wanda Noel

FOPL is pleased to offer this copyright update for its members. Copyright Update with Wanda Noel Tuesday May 27, 2014 Noon- 1 pm. Wanda Noel is a lawyer and copyright expert well acquainted with the needs of Ontario Public Libraries. Last year she provided an opinion on Access Copyright Canada renewals for all FOPL members.  There is a lot happening in the copyright arena in 2014 and Wanda is very involved in representing the interests of libraries and allied sectors.  This update is timed to follow this year’s Copyright Board hearings and we can expect some early insights. This update would provide a description of the following current copyright activities: the two ongoing Access Copyright tariff proceedings at the Copyright Board (one involving K to 12 schools and the other post-secondary educational institutions); the litigation in the Ontario Superior Court between Access Copyright and York University; a description of some of the recent consequences of the bringing into force of the Copyright Modernization Act; a description of some of the current consequences of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada on fair dealing; and how 1 to 4 impact on the operations of public libraries in Ontario. To register for this webinar, please e-mail Monica Mixemong at FOPL – This webinar is free to FOPL members.  Registered participants will receive the webinar sign-in instructions.  Please provide: Participant name Title Library e-mail address Send to      ...

NEW: Ontario Libraries Capacity Fund in the proposed provincial budget.

FOPL brings to your attention the following item that was proposed in last week’s Ontario provincial budget. Ontario Libraries Capacity Fund “Recognizing the key role that public libraries play in delivering and supporting important community programs, the government will provide an additional $10 million over the next three years to help achieve IT improvements across the public library sector, improve service delivery, and encourage more research and innovation.” Although we are now in a provincial election being fought on the government’s directions in this budget, the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries commends the provincial government on this initiative which recognizes the clear difference that public libraries in Ontario make on the social, economic and learning fabric of our province.  Our critical role in the economic, cultural, learning and social development of our communities and province.  We believe that the proposed three year innovation fund will have a lasting impact on the capacity of public libraries to continue to thrive and succeed in supporting all Ontarians and have a measurable impact on the success of Ontario and Ontarians. FOPL members can be non-partisan but support our sector by expressing the hope that this initiative will reappear in future budgets to all candidates (and, after the election, to the new government).   The specific initiative is on page 83 of the budget documents or you can find it at this link: