Respectful Terminology: Creating a National Framework

The National Indigenous Knowledge and Language Alliance (NIKLA) will be hosting a webinar; Respectful Terminology: Creating the Framework. This national event is centered on identifying the next steps to develop a framework for respectful terminology.  This free event is scheduled for Monday, May 2, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. For registration and more information, visit the NIKLA website:... read more

Board Self-Evaluations and Assessment

There is a great new post from the OLS on board self-evaluations and assessments. It is the last year of board terms which makes it an ideal time for evaluations and assessments. It can act as a performance review for the board and provide insights to improve for the new incoming board. Take a look at the full post here: Board Self-Evaluations and... read more

Reminder to complete your 2021 Annual Survey of Public Libraries / Rappel final pour compléter votre enquête annuelle 2021 sur les bibliothèques publiques

Le Francais suit Dear Public Library and First Nation Public Library CEOs: This is an important reminder to submit your 2021 Annual Survey of Public Libraries (ASPL) before the final deadline of April 30, 2022. Timely submission helps the Ministry to update and publish the Ontario Public Library Statistics, which supports policy work within government and provides key context for the Ontario public library sector’s planning activities. As you know, submission of a complete and accurate ASPL is also one of the requirements for annual public library operating support. To access the ASPL go to: . Enter your GO Secure ID which is your email, and your password.  If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot your Password?’ If you still cannot login or find your password, contact the IT help desk at: .  If you have not yet registered on the GO Secure system that provides access to the ASPL, please go to this link: If you have any questions or are experiencing technical difficulties filling out your survey, please feel free to contact Ministry staff: Adam Haviaras (   À l’attention des directeurs généraux de bibliothèque publique et de bibliothèque publique des Premières Nations: Ceci est un rappel important de soumettre votre enquête annuelle sur les bibliothèques annuelles de 2021 avant la date limite finale de 30 avril, 2022. En recevant les renseignements à temps, le ministère peut mettre à jour et publier à temps les statistiques sur les bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario, qui sont très utiles pour contextualiser les activités stratégiques au sein du gouvernement et pour la planification du secteur des bibliothèques... read more