Research & Development Working Group

Purpose: Research and Development remain one of FOPL’s core pillars and an integral part of our strategic plan. This Working Group shall endeavor to identify opportunities and for research and educational gaps pertaining to the library sector for the purposes of advocacy and training. 

Mandate: This Standing Committee known as a Working Group, has the mandate to…

(1) Identify and coordinate training opportunities for FOPL Members such as seminars, workshops, symposia, and webinars.

(2) Collaborate in creation of FOPL Trustee training tools.

(3) Increase awareness of professional development grant and subsidy opportunities.

(4) Create content for the FOPL website relevant to ongoing advocacy initiatives. 

Membership: The Board Chair is appointed Ex-Officio to all Working Groups. Executive Director will act as a resource person to the Working Group. The Board will appoint no less than one (1) members of the Board to sit as active members of this Working Group.  At the first meeting of the Working Group, and at the last meeting of every calendar year onwards, a Chair will be elected for the duration of one year and may be renewed.  The Term of Appointment began September 27, 2021 when the Working Group was formed by the FOPL Board. The Executive Director will accept up to five (5) Member Volunteers and/or delegates to sit on the Working Group. Volunteers will be accepted for a one-year term, with the opportunity of renewal.  Board terms will align with the term of that Board Member.   


  • Alicia Subnaik Kilgour, Niagara Falls Public Library
  • Megan Legg, Innisfil IdeaLab and Public Library
  • Monika Machacek, Easy Gwillimbury Public Library
  • Brooke McLean, Bruce County Public Library
  • Shaun McDonough (Chair), Markham Public Library