Indigenous Library Partnerships Working Group

Purpose: The FOPL Board recognizes the need for Indigenous and Ally members to support Indigenous librarianship, our First Nation Public Library (FNPL) members, and Indigenous supports and services across our province. This Working Group shall also be tasked with ensuring accurate representation of First Nations Public Libraries and their interests in FOPL’s advocacy efforts by reaching out and collaborating with said libraries. 

Mandate: This Standing Committee has the mandate to…

(1) Provide direction to the FOPL E.D. and Board on Indigenous matters and truth and reconciliation agenda, which FOPL may have a role in supporting and advocating for as a unified voice.

(2) Provide mentoring and sponsorship ideas for the public libraries who sponsor First Nations Public Libraries in Ontario. 

Membership: The Board Chair is appointed Ex-Officio to all Working Groups. Executive Director will act as a resource person to the Working Group. The Board will appoint no less than one (1) members of the Board to sit as active members of this Working Group.  At the first meeting of the Working Group, and at the last meeting of every calendar year onwards, a Chair will be elected for the duration of one year and may be renewed.  The Term of Appointment began September 27, 2021 when the Working Group was formed by the FOPL Board and concludes at the end of each year. 

This Working Group shall have a maximum of six (6) members including, no less than one (1) first nation public library staff and one (1) public library staff. When possible, membership will be evenly balanced. 


  • Kelly Bernstein, County of Brant Public Library
  • Kathleen Copegog, Beausoleil First Nations Public Library
  • Kathy Fisher, Ottawa Public Library
  • Alicia Subnaik Kilgour, Niagara Falls Public Library
  • Feather Maracle (Chair), Six Nations Public Library
  • Dr. Sabrina Redwing Saunders, The Blue Mountains Public Library
  • Aly Veliji, Toronto Public Library