I’m exceptionally pleased to share with all of you that the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport will be providing additional funding for First Nations Public Libraries! An additional investment of 1.25 million per year for a total of 3.75 million over three years will be allocated through the First Nations Salary Supplement and Provincial Libraries Operating Grant, an increase of almost 300% of what these libraries are currently receiving. While we do not have the details of this commitment as of yet, the MTCS has said that we can share this fantastic news with our members and a formal, public news release will be forthcoming.

I want to congratulate you all for your hard work in achieving this goal! Thank you for all of the meetings, emails, phone calls, follow-ups, deputations and presentations you have made to your MPPs and other stakeholders. The province has heard our provincial budget requests and delivered on our request to increase funding for First Nations Public Libraries by an additional (almost) 2 million annually. Since September of last year, we have met with 22 Ministers, MPPs, MTCS staff and stakeholders during our two advocacy days at Queen’s Park, an additional 32 Ministers and MPPs as a follow up to that effort, made 11 deputations to the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs and Finance and one presentation directly to the Minister of Finance. This could not have been achieved without the wider library community working together to promote our provincial priorities. This is a huge win for us all!