Working Groups & Project Teams

Working Groups

The following Working Groups were formed in 2017. The Memberships for these working groups are currently being updated.

  • French Translation Working Group / Groupe de travail sur la traduction française
  • Government Relations Working Group
  • Indigenous Library Partnerships Working Group
  • Marketing & Communications Working Group
  • Research & Development Working Group
  • Strategic Planning Working Group

as well as the Chief Executives of Large Urban Public Libraries (CELUPL).


Project Teams

At the July 23rd 2021 Board meeting, three project teams were developed to streamline major initiative for 2021. The Membership for these Project Teams is ongoing.

  • By-Law & Policy Review Project Team
  • Fee Structure Project Team
  • Strategic Planning Project Team [sunset on 2-25-2022]
  • Website & Social Media Project Team [sunset on 9-27-2021]