Info Series

The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries is pleased to announce a new annual Info Series. The info series will be comprised of four webinars which are free for our members that focus on furthering advocacy efforts of libraries across the province.

For more information on each session and for registration, please visit FOPL’s Upcoming Events webpage.

Service Ontario and Public Libraries Partnership

Public libraries are Ontario’s farthest-reaching community hubs. Millions of Ontarians already rely on local public libraries in their communities to work, learn, and access government services. Public libraries are a natural partner for providing greater access to the full range of ServiceOntario services. In rural and Northern communities, public libraries are particularly well-positioned to make such government services even more accessible. People in these communities often live furthest away from a ServiceOntario location. As trusted, local community resources, public libraries can bridge that gap.

As the front door to government, ServiceOntario is making it easier than ever for Ontarians and businesses to navigate government so they can access the services they need – when and where they want to.  ServiceOntario is using their customer experience expertise and community insights to co-design with partners to make government simpler, faster and better.

They are partnering with service-delivery organizations that know their communities best and are committed to service excellence. These community partners include municipalities, retailers, public libraries and community not-for profits. ServiceOntario will be hosting an information session on April 30th at 12pm to discuss requirements, logistics, community need and how partnering with them may benefit your library and community.


Asset Management

Join us for an introductory workshop on Non-Core Asset Management for Libraries working in collaboration with their municipalities, with our exclusive workshop led by the consultants from Watson and Associates! We will delve into the intricacies of non-core asset management planning and equip you with the essential knowledge and strategies, to help you identify various components in a Non-Core Asset Management Plan. Our facilitators, who have worked with libraries and municipal sectors, will unveil valuable best practices tailored specifically to libraries working with their municipalities.

You will discover the power of Levels of Service (LoS) – those specific parameters that define the extent and quality of services provided by your library to valued users. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how Levels of Service seamlessly connect an asset’s performance to target goals and achievements, ensuring that your library effectively serves the needs of your community.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Librarians

With artificial intelligence captivating the minds of doomsayers and tech enthusiasts alike, public libraries are stepping up to fulfill their role – supporting communities in making the most of opportunities and facing the challenges posed by this technology. Join Avery Swartz, Founder and CEO of Camp Tech, for a library-focused introduction to generative Artificial Intelligence. Gain a clear understanding of what AI is and its future trajectory. Avery will debunk myths and help you navigate the diverse implications AI holds for both your communities and libraries during this enlightening, empowering session. This will be followed by a discussion with FOPL’s Research and Development Working Group members who will examine potential implications for Ontario’s Public Libraries.

Guest Speakers:

  • Avery Swartz, Founder and CEO of Camp Tech
  • Sarah Roberts, Research & Development Working Group
  • Shaun McDonough, Research & Development Working Group

Hosted by: Dina Stevens, Executive Director, FOPL

This live event took place on October 19, 2023. Watch the recording on YouTube.

Furthering Truth & Reconciliation

In 2015 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission published their 94 Calls to Action. While this document did not have libraries as their intended audience, libraries and associations across the country have been struggling to find ways to provide meaningful mechanisms to support these calls. In April of 2023, FOPL’s Indigenous Libraries Partnership Working Group created a Truth and Reconciliation plan to guide our organization and that of our member libraries towards reconciliation by offering a tangible, attainable action plan.

This information session discusses:

  • The importance of reconciliation in our public libraries and how we can make real steps towards reconciliation using FOPL’s Truth and Reconciliation Plan. Presented on behalf of the Indigenous Libraries Partnership Working Group.

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Sabrina Redwing Saunders, CEO, Blue Mountains Public Library

Hosted by: Dina Stevens, Executive Director, FOPL

This live event took place on September 20, 2023. Watch the recording on YouTube.

Advocating for Development Charges

Claiming development charges from your municipality can be tricky. Learn about the process from start to finish.

This information session discusses:

  • Libraries are entitled to municipal development charges however, these are not automatically allocated. This information session will discuss;
    • An overview of development charges
    • the Development Charges Act
    • framework for “growth-related” capital
    • Eligible capital costs
    • The development charges cycle within a municipality
    • Background study process
    • Ensure your library is part of the process; get those DCs!
    • preparing for a study
    • case studies from member libraries

Guest Speaker:

  • Dr. Sabrina Redwing Saunders, CEO, Blue Mountains Public Library

Hosted by: Dina Stevens, Executive Director, FOPL

This live event took place on October 12, 2022. Watch the recording on YouTube.

Building Partnerships with First Nations Public Libraries

Learn how to incorporate Truth and Reconciliation into your libraries and build partnerships with First Nations Public Libraries.

This information session discusses:

  • How FOPL is addressing Truth and Reconciliation within its own organization and how it is promoted through our member services.
  • Implementing Truth and Reconciliation within your libraries as an important first step towards building supportive partnerships with First Nations Public Libraries and Indigenous peoples within your communities.
  • What support through partnership looks like; it varies! It is entirely dependent on the needs of a library and your resources at hand:
    • At the administrative level, between CEOs
    • Through reciprocal programs and collections
    • Via formal partnerships that can include sharing staff and other resources

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Sabrina Redwing Saunders, CEO, Blue Mountains Public Library
  • Feather Maracle, CEO, Six Nations Public Library
  • Karen Foster, former CEO, Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nations Public Library

Hosted by: Dina Stevens, Executive Director, FOPL

This live event took place on September 14, 2022. Watch the recording on YouTube.

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