Government Relations Working Group

Purpose: The FOPL Board recognizes that advocacy, lobbying and public relations initiatives are complex processes that would benefit from the assistance of a Working Group. FOPL’s government relation’s initiatives are worked on in conjunction with a lobbying firm, Board Members and the Government Relations Working Group.

Mandate: This Standing Committee known as a Working Group, has the mandate to…

(1) Advise on provincial budget and election strategies and build relationships with provincial and municipal elected officials, as well as civil servants, to influence government policy and practice.

(2) Support FOPL’s work with our Government Relations Firm on government relations initiatives.

(3) Collaborate with other library associations, organizations and agencies to advocate for public libraries with initiative such as the Library Day at Queen’s Park.

(4) Support all public and First Nations libraries with provincial and municipal advocacy.

Membership: The Board Chair is appointed Ex-Officio to all Working Groups. Executive Director will act as a resource person to the Working Group. The Board will appoint no less than one (1) members of the Board to sit as active members of this Working Group.  At the first meeting of the Working Group, and at the last meeting of every calendar year onwards, a Chair will be elected for the duration of one year and may be renewed.  The Term of Appointment began September 24th, 2021 when the Working Group was formed by the FOPL Board.. This Working Group shall have a maximum of eight (8) members.


  • Vickery Bowles, Toronto Public Libraries
  • Michael Ciccone, London Public Library
  • Jodie Delgado, Springwater Public Library
  • Alim Remtula, Toronto Public Libraries Caucus Trustee
  • Margie Singleton, Vaughan Public Libraries