2015 Access Copyright Canada – Update

Wanda Noel is a lawyer and copyright expert well acquainted with the needs of Ontario Public Libraries.

In 2014, she provided an opinion on Access Copyright Canada renewals for all FOPL members. There is a lot happening in the copyright arena and Wanda is very involved in representing the interests of libraries and allied sectors.

Presentation Slides

This update would provide a description of the following current copyright activities:

  • the two ongoing Access Copyright tariff proceedings at the Copyright Board (one involving K to 12 schools and the other post-secondary educational institutions);
  • the litigation in the Ontario Superior Court between Access Copyright and York University;
  • a description of some of the recent consequences of the bringing into force of the Copyright Modernization Act;
  • a description of some of the current consequences of the decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada on fair dealing; and
  • how 1 to 4 impact on the operations of public libraries in Ontario.

Audio Recording: http://ola.adobeconnect.com/p4pu8f6ydyj/ (May 2015 Webinar)