The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries is a non-profit with a mandate to benefit Ontario public libraries through advocacy, research, and marketing.

La Fédération des bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario est un organisme à but non-lucratif. Elle a comme mandat, de répondre aux besoins de toutes les bibliothèques, en concentrant leurs efforts dans la recherche, en marketing et en agissant comme plaidoyeur.

Library-Related Highlights from the Canadian Government’s 2015-16 Departmental Performance Reports

Library-Related Highlights from the Canadian Government’s 2015-16 Departmental Performance Reports Last month, the website published Highlights from the 2015-16 Departmental Performance Reports. Every year, the President of the Treasury Board, a federal Cabinet minister, tables Departmental Performance Reports (DPRs) on behalf of dozens of federal government departments and agencies: “Departmental Performance Reports are a measure of how well individual organizations met their plans and expected results as set out in their respective annual Reports on Plans and Priorities, including those for internal services.” “Below are some highlights of interest to the Canadian library and information management community as identified by individual departments and agencies.” The article includes excerpts from the DPR of the Supreme Court of Canada that covers IT risks (cyber attacks), electronic case management, the implementation of a new document management system by the Library and Information Management Branch and changes in the Court Records... read more

Grimsby library celebrating the sesquicentennial through art

Grimsby library celebrating the sesquicentennial through art Artist helping kick off year’s festivities with showcase of Canada’s natural beauty “GRIMSBY — They say home is where the heart is, and for Silva Talmassons her heart is in the majestic Rocky Mountains, the northern tundra, and the Maritimes. Talmassons, a Grimsby artist, is helping kick off sesquicentennial celebrations at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery and Grimsby Public Library with a showcase of the natural beauty of Canada.” “Her exhibit is the first of plenty of events planned to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Following Talmassons’ exhibit the art gallery will be showcasing its Square Roots project, where Grimsby residents, church groups, schools and other organizations will each create a separate piece of artwork on a eight-inch by eight-inch basswood square. Each block will be a unique interpretation of Canada and the 150 blocks will create a mosaic of what Grimsby thinks Canada represents. That artwork will be on display through February and March. The gallery has also created the Great Canadian Snow Art Challenge, asking participants to create snow art: whether it’s art made of snow, inspired by snow or created in... read more

Electronic Frontier Foundation Guide to taking to Politicians

Lots of transferable advice here: EFF’s guide to talking to your Congresscritter “EFF Legislative Counsel Ernesto Falcon has posted an excellent, practical guide to talking to your member of Congress — how to do it, how to maximize your efficiency, and why you should. Lastly, one of the most powerful ways to talk to a member of Congress is to attend their townhall meetings and speak to them directly. These are usually hosted when Congress is not in session (see the calendar for 2017 here) and are announced through the member’s online newsletter, which you can subscribe to by visiting their website. Townhalls are typically announced 1 to 3 days before they are hosted, so you need to be vigilant. Meeting with staff at the district office or in Washington, D.C., is valuable in conveying public opinion. Those can be set up at any time simply by calling the office (every office line is listed on their congressional website) and asking for a meeting. Just make sure you are calling the right office (go here to look up your House representatives. and go here for your senators) because, again, they will only want to hear from their constituents. For more information on how to set up and prepare for a meeting with a congressional staffer, see our page on contacting Congress. How to Talk to Congress [Ernesto Falcon/EFF]”... read more