The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries is a non-profit with a mandate to benefit Ontario public libraries through advocacy, research, and marketing.

La Fédération des bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario est un organisme à but non-lucratif. Elle a comme mandat, de répondre aux besoins de toutes les bibliothèques, en concentrant leurs efforts dans la recherche, en marketing et en agissant comme plaidoyeur.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Public Libraries:

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Public Libraries:   Official Legal Opinion for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Public Libraries FOPL Direct Member Benefit: Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Webinar (Sept. 17/14) FOPL Direct Member Benefit: Template Board Policy for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Software updates, installations now require consent  ... read more

Fully customizable advocacy training curriculum is now available through Turning the Page: Building Libraries, Strengthening Communities.

Good training for public librarians and FREE. Build advocacy skills and confidence through Turning the Page! A fully customizable advocacy training curriculum is now available through Turning the Page: Building Libraries, Strengthening Communities. Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities PLA is pleased to announce that the advocacy training curriculum Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities is now available at This training curriculum is an updated version of Turning the Page that was developed for library associations and networks around the world, with input from the Public Library Association and other grantees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries initiative. Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities is a complete training package that includes an Advocacy Training Implementation Guide—a recommended read before diving into the curriculum—and a set of 15 training sessions that each includes a trainer script, PowerPoint presentation, and handouts. An Advocacy Action Plan Workbook accompanies the training so participants can develop an advocacy plan for their library in real-time. All materials are free, and we hope you find them helpful. Anyone is welcome to download and use Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities today; the curriculum and other resources are free to use and share! If you are interested in a more formal training experience, several PLA-trained Turning the Page facilitators are available to help implement the content at your library. All of these facilitators have extensive experience with the Turning the Page content and would bring a dynamic and successful advocacy program to your library. While the content is free and downloadable, we ask that when using the materials, you... read more

Four Complementary Public Library Metrics Supports

FOPL FOPL can provide customer statistics report and peer comparison on a variety of measurements and metrics based on the Ontario Public Library Data Collection (1998-2015) Ontario Public Library Statistics: Special Reports Service First Nation Indigenous Libraries Statistical Analysis and Peer Comparison FOPL Releases Ontario Public Libraries Statistics Report and Rankings (Feb. 2017)   PLA Public Libraries Association (ALA) About Project Outcome Wherever public libraries are working, possibility lives. Project Outcome is a FREE toolkit designed to help public libraries understand and share the true impact of essential library services and programs by providing simple surveys and an easy-to-use process for measuring and analyzing outcomes. Project Outcome also provides libraries with the resources and training support needed to apply their results and confidently advocate for their library’s future. While many public libraries collect data about their services and programs, what is often lacking are the data to support what good they are providing their communities, such as programs serving childhood literacy, digital and technological training, and workforce development. With Project Outcome, patron attendance and anecdotal success stories are no longer the only way libraries can demonstrate their effectiveness. Developed by library leaders, researchers, and data analysts, Project Outcome is designed to give libraries simple tools and supportive resources to help turn better data into better libraries. Measuring outcomes helps libraries answer the question, “What good did we do?” An outcome is a specific benefit that results from a library service or program. Outcomes can be quantitative or qualitative, and are often expressed as changes that individuals perceive in themselves. Project Outcome helps libraries measure four key patron outcomes—knowledge, confidence, application, and... read more