The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries is a non-profit with a mandate to benefit Ontario public libraries through advocacy, research, and marketing.

La Fédération des bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario est un organisme à but non-lucratif. Elle a comme mandat, de répondre aux besoins de toutes les bibliothèques, en concentrant leurs efforts dans la recherche, en marketing et en agissant comme plaidoyeur.

Ontario Guidance for Lobbyists on Political Activity

Guidance for Lobbyists on Political Activity Lobbyists are permitted to take part in political activity; however it is important to undertake this work with a complete understanding of how that might affect the ability to lobby in the future.  If in doubt, always contact the Office of the Integrity Commissioner to request an Advisory Opinion. Answers to some frequently asked questions are below. Involvement in Political Activity Can I work or volunteer on an election campaign? Yes, however, you should be aware that section 3.4 of the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998 prohibits lobbyists from placing public office holders in a position of real or potential conflict of interest.  As such, depending on your interaction with a candidate, your ability to lobby may be restricted.  This could apply both before the election if the candidate is a current public office holder and after the election if the candidate remains or becomes a public office holder. The Integrity Commissioner, as Lobbyists Registrar, can provide Advisory Opinions to lobbyists based on fact-specific scenarios. Can I donate to a campaign in a personal capacity? Yes. The Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998 does not prohibit political contributions to a party.  However, political contributions are regulated under the Election Finances Act (e.g. who may make contributions, in what amount, etc.) so lobbyists may wish to consult Elections Ontario for further information. Registration Requirements Am I required to amend my registration(s) during the writ period if my lobbying activities target MPPs? The writ period begins on the day that the election is called and runs until the election is held.  When an election is called, the Legislative Assembly... read more

How to Work out of a Library (No Matter What Size Town You’re In)

How to Work out of a Library (No Matter What Size Town You’re In) Here’s an overview of working out of your local library, no matter what size town you’re in: Libraries have Wifi Workspace Variety Reference Librarian Computer Access Printer and Scanner Work/Home Separation Library Coworking Professional Development Programming Meeting Rooms In towns of all sizes, the local library can be a valuable resources for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. Visit your local branch to see what offerings can help you grow and strengthen your business.  ... read more