Public libraries offer books, shelter and much more

Public libraries offer books, shelter and much more Toronto Public Library’s first full-time social worker highlights the much-needed resources they provide to the community BY TARA MACINNIS Stephen... read more

Updates – Girls Who Code & FOPL

This year was Girls Who Code’s first back-to-school in Canada and it was a tremendous success! We’ve been receiving dozens of Club applications every week. Below are some suggestions around how we can work together to expand our Clubs program to get more girls in Ontario excited about technology and computer science. I would encourage you to schedule a call with me to discuss the updates below and collaborate on how I can continue to support our partnership and your Clubs. CLUBS AFFILIATED TO THE FEDERATION OF ONTARIO PUBLIC LIBRARIES Attached are the Girls Who Code Clubs affiliated with our partnership. Thank you for promoting our programs and helping to launch 16 Clubs for the girls you serve. It looks like no new Club was launched since July; feel free to continue spreading the word to engage more girls! NEXT STEPS TO PROMOTE CLUBS FURTHER I hope to work closely with you over the next few weeks to reach even more girls in your communities! Can you please let me know if you would be interested in any of the following? Would you be interested in scheduling a webinar that I would lead for prospective Clubs Facilitators in your network? Is there an upcoming event or meeting that I could join in-person or virtually to share more information about Girls Who Code Clubs? Is there a scheduled newsletter or email that could include a blurb about Girls Who Code Clubs? If so, feel free to use template language from our Outreach Toolkit or I’d be happy to work with you to customize this language to fit your audience. Thank... read more