The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries is a non-profit with a mandate to benefit Ontario public libraries through advocacy, research, and marketing.

La Fédération des bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario est un organisme à but non-lucratif. Elle a comme mandat, de répondre aux besoins de toutes les bibliothèques, en concentrant leurs efforts dans la recherche, en marketing et en agissant comme plaidoyeur.

ROI releases Fact-Finder’s Guide to Local & Regional Data

The information below might be of interest to Library Board Members and Councillors. ROI releases Fact-Finder’s Guide to Local & Regional Data If you have questions, my colleague Norm Ragetlie will be the best source of additional information.  Give him a call if you wish at 519-826-4204. Rob Black Chief Executive Officer Rural Ontario Institute (519) 826-4204  Ext 222   From: Rural Ontario Institute On Behalf Of Rural Ontario Institute Sent: April-13-17 3:13 PM To: Rob Black Subject: ROI releases Fact-Finder’s Guide to Local & Regional Data   ROI releases Fact-Finder’s Guide to Local & Regional Data Finding information about rural communities and small towns is often challenging, since many media outlets and publications highlight only national or provincial level statistics. The Rural Ontario Institute’s newly released Fact-Finder’s Guide to Local and Regional Data: How to Find National Statistics makes that search for information a little easier. The need for a solid understanding of the availability of data over different geographic scales and over various time periods is fundamental. The Fact-Finder’s Guide is designed to address this need, with a focus on data made available by Statistics Canada and other federal agencies. More specifically, the Guide contains an index of 37 data sets in subjects ranging from demographics and health to business and transportation “We have discovered that many local stakeholder groups or planning processes get stalled when they need to compile available statistical information about a challenge in their community,” says Norm Ragetlie, ROI’s Director of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement. “This Guide should help these stakeholders zero in on the ‘needle in the haystack’ they are looking for... read more

LearnHQ Leadership by Design: Module 4: Strategic Planning

Featured Learning Moment. This issue we’re highlighting the Module 4: Strategic Planning. Consider asking your board members to engage in these learning (and thinking) activities: In advance: Review your governance responsibilities with Cut to the Chase: Ontario’s Governance Primer At A Glance Contemplate the best practices in strategic planning To access each resource quickly, please log-in to LearnHQ(upper right hand corner of the main page). Once signed in each link below will take you directly to the suggested resource. Sincerely, Shelagh Paterson (Ontario Library Association) and Stephen Abram (Federation of Ontario Public Libraries)   What is Leadership by Design? Leadership by Design is a program designed for library boards, by library boards. The online learning modules within this program will develop leadership skills for trustees and board members. The modules of Leadership by Design are designed to match the four years of a public library board term. You can skip between units to find aspects that are specifically relevant to you at any point in time, but by following through the monthly units and completing the tasks with your board as a whole, you should have a highly-effective team by the end of your four-year term. Access Leadership by Design through LearnHQ LearnHQ is developed by SOLS in partnership with OLA and FOPL. It is an extensive online learning resource for public library staff and board members in Ontario. After logging in, select ‘browse courses’, select ‘management/leadership’, and then select ‘board development’. Click on ‘launch class’ and browse the ‘lessons’ option to review the resource within each learning module. Please contact Mary O’Connor with any questions about this resource. The... read more

2017 Community-Led Think Tank May 26, 2017 Niagara-on-the-Lake

The community-led approach to libraries aims to create a library for the people, by the people. This event is a full day of collaborating, networking and learning about this approach to librarianship. OPLA’s Community-Led Libraries Think Tank is for you whether you are just getting started with a community-led library approach or you’ve already embraced the concept. The day features an opportunity to discuss themes and issues related to community-led in small groups, to share ideas and best practices and to hear from experts in the field. 2017 Community-Led Think Tank When: Friday, May 26, 2017 Location: Niagara Falls Public Library read more