UK: “Public Libraries, The Case for Support”

New Report from the UK: “Public Libraries, The Case for Support” Via Gary Price at LJ InfoDocket From the Libraries Deliver Publication Announcement At a Parliamentary event at the House of Lords today [October 15, 2019], The Big Issue and Library Champion Bobby Seagull will join forces with CILIP, the UK library association, to make the case for long-term sustainable funding for libraries. The event, which will be attended by Members of Parliament, Member of the House of Lords and senior Civil Servants, will focus on the launch of two new campaign documents: A new joint CILIP/The Big Issue report Public Libraries: The Case for Support, which brings together for the first time the best currently-available evidence of the positive impact of libraries on their users, communities, locality and local economy, alongside stories from library users about their experiences and; A new 10-point Manifesto for Libraries, produced by Library Champion Bobby Seagull and CILIP, setting out the call for Government to recognise the wider value of libraries and librarians in areas such as health, education, business and policymaking. Public Libraries: The Case for Support draws on research and evidence from the British Library, Carnegie UK Trust, CIPFA and others to highlight the transformative impact of public libraries on: Place-shaping and inclusive economic growth Education, informal learning and skills Health, wellbeing and social care Digital skills and getting online Enterprise and business support Poverty prevention, social mobility and social isolation. Direct to Full Text Report: Public Libraries: The Case for Support 28 pages; PDF.”... read more

A Right Hard Won for Remembrance Day: The IFLA Intellectual Freedom Statement

The IFLA Intellectual Freedom Statement “On August 25, 2019, at the World Library and Information Conference (WLIC) in Athens, Greece, the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) celebrated 20 years of the IFLA Intellectual Freedom Statement. The statement was created by the IFLA committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) which was created to “defend and promote the basic human rights defined in Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights… -Intellectual freedom is the right of every individual to both hold and express opinions and to seek and receive information. -Intellectual freedom is the basis of democracy. -Intellectual freedom is the core of the library concept.” (see: The intellectual freedom statement urges librarians and library staff to adhere to the principles of intellectual freedom including freedom to express opinions, freedom to access all information, and the rights of the patron to privacy in selecting and using information. It was interesting, and a little bit concerning, when the rights of children to access of information were addressed at this presentation. Librarians are encouraged not only to make available any format of information desired by children, but also to be cautious about the use of technology. Many apps marketed to children collect data about the users. It is up to the librarians to know what is being collected particularly in the free apps that allow children to make movies, posters, books reports, and engage in other educational activities online. The presentation from Gennie Gebhart, Associate Director of Research, Electronic Frontier Foundation, was particularly chilling in considering the right to privacy. What... read more

Some College, No Degree

Some College, No Degree “Report features broad new data on 36 million Americans who left college without a credential, including 3.8 million who returned to college in the last five years, nearly one million of whom completed.” Data to support library e-learning services.... read more