Government Relations Working Group

Mandate: Positively influence legislation and government initiatives impacting Ontario Libraries

  • Build relationships with provincial elected officials and civil service to influence government policy and practices
  • Collaborate with other library associations, organizations and agencies to lobby for public libraries in provincial political arena such as Library Day at Queen’s Park
  • Support members’ libraries efforts in municipal government advocacy
  • Support First Nations libraries with national and provincial advocacy
  • Remain agile to enable timely response to emerging issues and opportunities
  • Act as a conduit for government to supply information to Public Libraries

Charter: This committee advise on provincial budget and election strategies.  They support FOPL’s work with CFLA on national priorities.  They also support our initiatives including the Library Day at Queen’s Park, work with our lobbying firm on government relations initiatives, craft message and suggest new initiatives (AMO, ROMA, etc.).  We may also plan an inter-ministerial summit again.


  • This group works through consensus. A majority of votes is needed to pass on reports or recommendations to the Board.
  • A small budget will be put into each annual FOPL budget for the activities of the Working Group. Additional budget may be requested for special projects.


  • This Working Group’s Chair report to the Board through the Executive Director.
  • An Annual Report is prepared for the Board and the Annual Business Meeting.

Membership / Size:

  • 5 members
  • Plus the Executive Director as an ex-officio member
  • Members serve for three years and may be appointed for another three at which point their term ends.


Membership is currently being reviewed and will be updated by Fall 2021

  1. Melissa Legacy. Bruce County Public Library
  2. Rona O’Banion. King Township Public Library
  3. Roxanne Toth-Rissanen. Sault Ste Marie Public Library
  4. Elizabeth Glass. Toronto Public Library
  5. Margie Singleton. Vaughan Public Library
  6. Maureen Barry. Burlington Public Library