Ontario Election 2014 / Ontario’s Libraries

Ontario’s Libraries contribute to the top priorities for 21st century government and the people of Ontario: prosperity, technology innovation, digital citizenship, economic development, research, social equity and learning.About the elections
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  • find resources for students

Governance and Funding of Libraries

More than 16,000 people work for Ontario’s libraries. How can you engage candidates and stakeholders on the value of Ontario’s libraries?

  • Questions for Candidates with backgrounders
  • Email your candidate – sample text (coming soon)
  • Attend an all candidates meeting and ask a question: keep your question positive, straightforward (no speeches), and of interest to the audience.
  • Talk with candidates canvassing your neighbourhood: let them know the value the library brings to the community and ask for their thoughts on libraries.
  • Be informed (which candidates support libraries and education?) and vote!
  • After the campaign – follow up email – sample text (coming soon)

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