This year Ontario Public Library Week takes place from October 16th – October 22nd, and coincides with Canadian Public Library Month.

This year’s theme is:

“Your Library: A Place Unbound”

Promotional materials for Canadian Library Month are available at the Canadian Library Association

The Federation will be sharing more information regarding OPLW as it is confirmed.

Thank you to our sponsors:

The Administrators of Medium Public Libraries of Ontario, Kobo Inc., LibraryBound, Whitehots Inc., and Library Services Centre.

The Federation recognizes contributions from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture — their ongoing support of public libraries and Ontario Public Library Week is appreciated.  More information on the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and public libraries is available at

You can download bookmarks for Ontario Public Library week here in both English and French.  To request a high resolution copy of the 2011 OPLW posters in either language, please email admin [@]