Website & Social Media Project Team – SUNSET

This Project Team was sunset on September 27, 2021

Purpose: The FOPL Board recognizes that the importance of Marketing on the work and impacts of the organization. Marketing is completed by paid staff and consultants, as well as volunteers 

Mandate: This Ad Hoc Committee known as a Project Team, has the mandate to (1) review and update the FOPL website, and (2) determine how best to proceed with developing a Working Group to handle the ongoing communication needs of FOPL.

Membership: The Chair of the Board is ex-officio on all committees. The Executive Director is a staff resource to this Project Team. This Project Team is comprised of three (3) members of the Board. At the first meeting of the Working Group a Chair will be elected for the duration of the project.  The Term of Appointment began July 23, 2021 when the Project Team was authorized by the FOPL Board and will expire with the mandate has been complete. 

Members: Project Teams are comprised of Board Members and include:

  • Jennifer La Chapelle. CEO, Clearview Public Library
  • Catherina Rouse. CEO, Bibliothèque publique de Clarence-Rockland Public Library
  • Sabrina Saunders. CEO, The Blue Mountains Public Library