FOPL and OLA in partnership with SOLS and OLS-North are pleased to announce the availability of  a new website to support Ontario Libraries in their use of the new tagline [“A Visit Will Get You Thinking.”] for the coming years!  Many library systems have started to complement their marketing with this Ontario-wide tagline.  This is also the theme of Ontario Public Library Week 2016! (

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On this website you can find Guidelines, Downloads and a recording of the Webinar launching the Tagline with much of the background and research. French translation are in process.


Resources are available for Ontario’s public libraries to promote the value and impact of your library in the Ontario context.  They are licensed to you under a Creative Commons license at no charge.

Narrative Toolkit
A Visit Will Get You Thinking.isn’t just a simple sentence. It’s a hard-working tagline that acts as a call to action and when placed in the right storylines, activates the public’s imagination. This narrative toolkit is designed to help you create those storylines. It gives you everything from strategic thought, to messaging structure and key sound bites. It is a resource for you to return to over and over as you bring the tagline, and your own Library’s brand to life with new relevance.

Graphic Guidelines
Your adoption of this line is important to us all. Most research shows that people need to see a message over eight times before it registers. In today’s very mobile society, the more we use the line the more we help each other and ourselves. Envision this tagline uniting all public libraries in a common goal.
Within the document below, we have provided you with a few simple to use graphic guidelines. We want to make the adoption of this marketing asset easier for everyone.

This tagline was created with your library in mind. Use the tagline to complement your existing marketing and corporate standards. You can also use the tagline with specific font and style treatments…the choice is yours.
And the tagline in French:

“Une visite: ça fait réfléchir.”

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