108 Indigenous writers to read, as recommended by you

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FOLD, the Festival of Literary Diversity, tweeted out the names of several Indigenous authors you should know. Many readers got in the spirit and shared their own recommendations. We’ve highlighted their suggestions here.

Here are 108 Indigenous writers to check out.

1. An Honest Woman by Jónína Kirton (Recommended by: @Ayelet Tsabari)

2. Arctic Dreams and Nightmares by Alootook Ipellie (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

3. Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker (Recommended by: @Ayelet Tsabari)

4. Badger by Daniel Heath Justice (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

5. Bearskin Diary by Carol Rose Daniels (Recommended by: @feralplaywright)

6. Beautiful Razor by Al Hunter (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

7. Calling Down the Sky by Rosanna Deerchild (Recommended by: @elainecorden@concrete_poet)

8. Creating Space by Verna J. Kirkness (Recommended by: @jodysmiling)

9. Digital Ogichida by Jordan Wheeler (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

10. Fatty Legs by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, illustrated by Liz Amini-Holmes (Recommended by: @missoliviaanne)

11. Fire Starters by Jen Storm, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

12. Firewater by Harold R. Johnson (Recommended by: @kevimrie)

13. Flint and Feather by E. Pauline Johnson (Recommended by: @fillingstation)

14. Gabriel’s Beach by Neal McLeod (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@kevimrie)

15. Half-Breed by Maria Campbell (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

16. Halfling Spring by Joanne Arnott (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

17. Huff & Stitch by Cliff Cardinal (Recommended by: @maritadachsel)

18. I Am Woman by Lee Maracle (Recommended by: @MarkAbbott604)

19. Indigenous Writes by Chelsea Vowel (Recommended by: @N_StPierre)

20. In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Mosionier (Recommended by: @Katiewtweet)

21. In the Silhouette of Your Silences by David Groulx (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

22. Kiss of the Fur Queen by Tomson Highway (Recommended by: @elainecorden)

23. I Want by Joseph A. Dandurand (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

24.  “kîwetinotahk pimâcihowin — northern journeys”by Andréa Ledding (Recommended by: @feralplaywright)

25. Lake of the Prairies by Warren Cariou (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@N_StPierre)

26. Life Among the Qallunaat by Mini Aodla Freeman (Recommended by: @sciencebanshee)

27. Lightfinder by Aaron Paquette (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

28. Lnu and Indians We’re Called by Rita Joe (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

29. Invisible Victims by Katherine McCarthy (Recommended by: @RealRJParker)

30.Moose Meat & Wild Rice by Basil Johnston (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

31. nakamowin sa for the seasons by Rita Bouvier (Recommended by: @LawandLit)

32. Night Moves by Richard Van Camp (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@sarafdavidson)

33. nipê wânîn: my way back by Mika Lafond (Recommended by: @feralplaywright)

34. Owls See Clearly At Night by Julie Flett (Recommended by: @N_StPierre)

35. Poems for a New World by Connie Fife (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

36. Red: A Haida Manga by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas (Recommended by: @fillingstation)

37. Running on the March Wind by Lenore Keeshig (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

38. Salt Baby by Falen Johnson (Recommended by: @maritadachsel)

39. Sanaaqby Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk, translated by Bernard Saladin d’Anglure (Recommended by: @elainecorden)

40. Seasons of Hope by James Bartleman (Recommended by: @eleanor70001)

41. Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga (Recommended by: @JaelRichardson)

42. she walks for days inside a thousand eyes by Sharron Proulx-Turner (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

43. Slash by Jeannette Armstrong (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@CarrieTerbasket)

44. Spirit of the Wolf by Duncan Mercredi (Recommended by: @kevimrie)

45. Still No Word by Shannon Webb-Campbell (Recommended by: @N_StPierre)

46. Sugar Falls by David Alexander Robertson, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson (Recommended by: @sarafdavidson)

47. Taqralik Partridge (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

48. The Break by Katherena Vermette (Recommended by: @macpherson_a)

49. The Pemmican Eaters by Marilyn Dumont (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@elainecorden@LawandLit)

50. The Reason You Walk by Wab Kinew (Recommended by: @evilscumbag)

51. The Red Files by Lisa Bird-Wilson (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@LawandLit)

52. The Stone Collection by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm (Recommended by: @concrete_poet)

53. The Wound is a World by Billy-Ray Belcourt (Recommended by: @concrete_poet)

54. Tobacco Wars by Paul Seesequasis (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

55. Tombs of the Vanishing Indian by Marie Clements (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

56. Totem Poles and Railroads by Janet Rogers (Recommended by: @LawandLit@Skink00ts)

57. Un/inhabited by Jordan Abel (Recommended by: @fillingstation@maritadachsel@N_StPierre)

58. Witness, I Am by Gregory Scofield (Recommended by: @elainecorden)

59. Wrist by Nathan Adler (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@JaelRichardson)

60. Monkey Beachby Eden Robinson (Recommended by: @theborrower@shellenepaull@CoyoteDreams)

61. Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese (Recommended by: @shellenepaull@maggiem_chinook@GillEllis51@ejmspoelstra@celmslie1Junior de Lima & Lisa Laing)

62. The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King (Recommended by: Gerry Rogers@celmslie1@Danielle_Author)

63. Birdie by Tracey Lindberg (Recommended by: @GillEllis51@Danielle_AuthorKent Wakely)

64. From the Barren Lands by Leonard Flett (Recommended by: @nothinglinKimberly LalibertyMarguerite FlettFrank Flett & Horace Flett)

65. Tilly by Monique Gray Smith (Recommended by: @CarolyneTaylorQuincey Erin Cable)

66. Where I Belong by Tara White (Recommended by: @tradewindbooks)

67. Motorcycles and Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor (Recommended by: @maggiem_chinook@TheFOLD_)

68. Skin Like Mine by Garry Gottfriedson (Recommended by: @theborrower)

69. Kuessipan by Naomi Fontaine (Recommended by: @theborrower)

70. Blood Red Summer by Wayne Arthurson (Recommended by: @peggy_blair@MinisterFaust)

71. Almighty Voice and His Wife by Daniel David Moses (Recommended by: @Diginalgifts)

72. Up Ghost River by Edmund Metatawabin with Alexandra Shimo (Recommended by: @susanhimel)

73. The Chief and Her Sister by Andrew Genaille (Recommended by: @rvgenaille)

74. Walking in Your Power by Barbara M. Derrick (Recommended by: @nativestudioart)

75. My Silent Drum by Ovide Mercredi (Recommended by: @paurrod)

76. Shadows Cast by Stars by Catherine Knutsson (Recommended by: @CoyoteDreams)

77. Bird Child by Nan Forler, illustrated by François Thisdale (Recommended by: @CoyoteDreams)

78. Art of Peace by Elizabeth Doxtater (Recommended by: @VMcNaughton)

79. Nationhood Interrupted by Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) (Recommended by: @SteveCowleyNYC)

80. Dramaville is not a place; it’s a state of mind by Andrea Lewis (Recommended by: @dredrelew)

81. Abstract Love by Bevann Fox (Recommended by: @SteveCowleyNYC)

82. We Are All Treaty People by Maurice Switzer, illustrated by Charley Herbert (Recommended by: @AnishNation)

83. The Stone Gift by Deborah L. Delaronde (Recommended by: @RoxShuttleworth)

84. Annie Mae’s Movement by Yvette Nolan (Recommended by: @ladyblerd@TheFOLD_)

85. Night Spirits by Ila Bussidor & Ustun Bilgen-Reinart (Recommended by: Gerry Rogers)

86. Voices in the Waterfall by Beth Cuthand (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

87. Porcupines and China Dolls by Robert Arthur Alexie (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

88. Seven Deer Dancing by Rolland Nadjiwon (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie)

89. This Accident of Being Lostby Leanne Simpson (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@TheFOLD_Stéphanie Lynn)

90. Burning in This Midnight Dream by Louise Bernice Halfe (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@TheFOLD_)

91. Kagagi by Jay Odjick & Patrick Tenascon (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

92. Café Daughter by Kenneth T. Williams (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

93. The Right to Be Cold by Sheila Watt-Cloutier (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

94. Full-Metal Indigiqueer by Joshua Whitehead (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

95. Nobody Cries at Bingo by Dawn Dumont (Recommended by: Stephanie Strain@TheFOLD_)

96. A Gentle Habit by Cherie Dimaline (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

97. They Called Me Number One by Bev Sellars (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

98. Alicia Elliott (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

99. A Two-Spirit Journey by Ma-Nee Chacaby,with Mary Louisa Plummer (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

100. Legacy by Waubgeshig Rice (Recommended by: @KateriAkiwenzie@TheFOLD_)

101. Moe Clark (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

102. Jesse Wente (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

103. The Outside Circle by Patti LaBoucane-Benson, illustrated by Kelly Mellings (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

104. The Plains of Aamjiwnaang by David D. Plain (Recommended by: Lee Anne Matheson)

105. Travelling Mother by David Seven Deers (Recommended by: Jill Webb Veitch)

106. Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent by Liz Howard (Recommended by: @fillingstation@bookgaga)

107. Norval Morrisseau by Armand Garnet Ruffo (Recommended by: @mrrgteacher)

108. Ryan McMahon (Recommended by: @TheFOLD_)

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