Statement from the Ontario Nonprofit Network on Anti-Black Racism

Systemic racism exists in Ontario. This is unacceptable and this must change. The Ontario Nonprofit Network stands in solidarity with our Black, Indigenous and People of Colour colleagues and community members, and their loved ones.

ONN acknowledges the devastating impacts of recent events and the deepened grief and trauma on Black communities.

ONN is committed to addressing anti-Black racism in a meaningful way and doing our part to dismantle the systems that enable violence towards and oppression of Black Canadians and communities.

We share the following key solutions and priorities from our network partners to confront white supremacy and address anti-Black racism. We will continue to amplify our network’s voices and calls to action.

  • Declaration of anti-Black racism as a public health crisis.
  • Enhanced accountability infrastructure to address police brutality, police violence and harms to Black communities.
  • A strengthened Anti-Racism Directorate with a clearly articulated, targeted and systemic anti-Black racism strategy.
  • A provincial commitment to the allocation of protected funds to provide culturally appropriate health and wellbeing support within Black communities. A critical component of undoing anti-Black racism is working towards making Black life livable. Culturally appropriate organizations must be given the support they need to continue providing these services.

Statement from Black health leaders: Alliance for Healthier Communities’ Black Health Committee, the Black Health Alliance, and Network for Advancement of Black Communities (NABC) 

Statement from Toronto Neighbourhood Centres

Statement from Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

ONN’s vast nonprofit network in Ontario benefits from our Black leaders and colleagues – in management roles, on the frontlines, on boards of directors, as volunteers, as activists. And nonprofits and charities also serve Black families and Black communities. It is these voices and those with lived experience that need to be amplified.

ONN acknowledges that racism exists in the nonprofit sector, in our workplaces, programs and services. We all have work to do, personally and as organizations.

ONN commits to ensuring Black communities and voices are reflected across our work. We will also share anti-racism and equity resources and supports for the nonprofit sector that are developed by our colleagues working in this space. We will continue to strengthen inclusivity in our own organization through staffing and volunteer practices, and to work with our provincial network to create equitable spaces for racialized voices in our events and gatherings. We will be accountable and we approach our commitment to equity with humility and authenticity.

Thank you to our Black colleagues who are contributing their talent in the nonprofit sector. Thank you to the Black activists and allies who have put their personal safety and wellness on the line for systemic change. ONN recognizes that Black workers in the sector carry the difficult burden of having to deal with these events personally, while serving their communities. ONN is committed to amplifying these experiences and ensuring Black voices in our sector are shared and heard. We will amplify with permission and we acknowledge them with gratitude.

ONN Staff Team and Board of Directors

June 5, 2020″