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19 Positive Summer Reading Activities During COVID



If COVID has taught me anything, it is to keep in mind the one-word slogan of Navy SEALS: Adapt. We are public librarians. We adapt. We adapted during the digital age to maintain our relevance. COVID is not going to stop us. Irrespective of where you are right now, summer reading has boiled down to three options: passive, curbside or virtual. We remain in the unique position of being able to touch the lives and hearts of our community. We have a responsibility to remain positive, and to disseminate hope. Read on to see how 19 positive summer reading activities during COVID can make the difference.

1 – Radio

2 – Combos

3 – Online Outreach

4 – Scavenger Hunt

5 – Sidewalk Chalk

6 – Online Outdoor Programming

7 – Astronomy Club

8 – Take a Hike!

9 – Demo Pool Games

10 – More Outdoor Obstacles Courses

11 – Backyard Games

12 – Biking

13 – How-To from Home

14 – Social Justice

15 – Local History

16 – Read the Book, Watch the Movie

17 – Start From Scratch

18 – Puppets

19 – Imagine Your Story