5 Ways to Do Smart & Responsible Marketing During COVID-19

How to Do Empathetic Marketing During a Crisis
1) Adjust Marketing Campaigns and Scheduled Content Timelines 
  • Decide what should be paused immediately.
  • Consider what to prioritize or pivot.

2) Evaluate Your Imagery and Language

  • Avoid visuals of crowds or people touching.
  • Reframe marketing language that describes close interaction.

3) Don’t Capitalize on the Crisis

Keep people informed.

Avoid bragging.

Mind your tone.

4) Be Positive, But Not Ignorant

  • Look to your Brand Heart for guidance.
  • Be personable. 
  • Think about your future messaging. 
  • Create employee-generated content (EGC).

5) Highlight How Your Brand Can Help 

  • Communicate your benefits.
  • Create helpful content.

Remember: The Quarantine Won’t Last Forever

We wish everyone health and safety during this unusual time.