In case you discover your RFID tags start to fail more often . . .


Don’t Microwave Library Books

So COVID-19 has people taking precautions, as we all should, but also listen to science and medicine before just randomly trying to be cautious: a Michigan library had to issue a public statement telling people not to microwave their books. “Library books have metal in the security radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which are located inside of the book. When the metal entered the microwave, a hole was burned into the cover.” The library also reminded patrons that they are quarantining materials for 72 hours when returned.







Vaughan’s public library is the first in GTA to go fine-free. Here’s why


Vaughan Public Libraries board chair Rose Savage, left, and CEO Margie Singleton show off the library’s curbside pick-up operation.The Vaughan library is going completely fine free, the first in the GTA to do so.