FOPL Members:
After a few years of research and strategic thinking we are finally ready to launch some of the components of our province-wide marketing plan as our library community has wanted and voted on in our Libraries 2020 and Libraries 2025 Summits.

Please find information below regarding the province-wide tagline to be used as part of the Ontario Public Library Week celebrations this year and continuing through 2017-8.  Keep reading to find out what this new tagline will be.

FOPL led this project to develop and implement a tagline for all Ontario public libraries based on research and in partnership with SOLS, OLS-North and OLA. It was soft-launched at OLA’s Marketing Think Tank on Friday August 19th, and a webinar was subsequently offered on Wednesday August 24th.  To date the feedback has been very positive.

The webinar title is:

One Tag Line to Rule Them All: Six Words to Get Patrons Into Your Library

Please enjoy the recording of the webinar found here:, and go to for more information about the week.

Drum Roll: The tagline is:

“A Visit Will Get You Thinking.”

or “Une visite: ça fait réfléchir.”

Branding and usage Guidelines will be released soon.  We are awaiting the french translation of the guide.  It has been designed to complement your own taglines and efforts, not replace or complete with them.

Next steps are narrative storytelling training and the development of integrated tools and a dashboard for a coordinated social media campaign using a team at FOPL.

Look for an opportunity to register for a 2 day symposium at the University of Toronto iSchool on October 3-4, 2016 soon.  (Draft program is at which will fill out the plan, train on social media and storytelling and begin our efforts!



Stephen Abram, MLS, FSLA

Executive Director, Federation of Ontario Public Libraries

Cel: 416-669-4855

FOPL: 416-395-0746