Will Canada see a second wave of COVID-19?

As cities and entire countries ease restrictions, experts worry that COVID-19 cases could spike again. Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and some U.S. states are among the places already experiencing a second wave. Kenyon Wallace and Patty Winsa looked at what’s happening around the world and what it tells us about Canada’s virus trajectory.

  • By the numbers: Global COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly as regions reopen. The head of the World Health Organization warned that while it took three months for the world to hit one million cases, the last one million took only 8 days.
  • On the home front: Experts say Canada will probably experience a second wave, but it’s tough to predict when. University of Waterloo professor Chris Bauch believes “the timing of a second wave will depend on how fast people fatigue and relax their social distancing.”
  • Go deeper: Less than five per cent of Canadians have tested positive for COVID-19, meaning the vast majority of the population is still susceptible. One epidemiologist said “it’s likely [the virus will] keep on doing this up and down until herd immunity is achieved.” Read about one Toronto clinic that’s offering antibody tests.

Will Canada see a second wave of COVID-19? This is what other countries are seeing