A tip sheet for nonprofits and charities: Communications during COVID-19

“Nonprofits and charities are facing a significant challenge as they strive to maintain connections to their audiences during a time of fear, information overload and short attention spans.
At the same time, nonprofits are trusted leaders in their communities and especially now, need to connect to their supporters and audiences.
Many organizations have taken a pause or changed their communications to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we move from responding to the crisis, to the next phase of recovery, how should organizations communicate?
How can organizations continue to serve their missions and talk about their work? What information is needed and how should they share the stories of the people and communities they serve?
What should organizations be thinking about as they consider the type and content of their communications going forward?
Here are six key things for your organization to consider as you plan communications in this next phase of COVID-19.”