A Virtual Fundraising Workshop For Board Members, Staff & Volunteers From Charities, Non-Profits & Community Organizations

About this Event


Free Online Workshop – Engaging Board Members in Fundraising Activities

With the uncertainty that has been thrust upon charities and community organizations by the Covid-19 Crisis, the importance of raising money to sustain their programs has never been greater. The need for board member involvement in their organization’s fundraising affairs also has never been as crucial as it is today.

Although it may not be their preferred activity, fundraising may not be as painful or intimidating as some board members may think. In reality only a small percentage of board members are truly qualified or should be expected to ask people for money, time or talent. The good news is there are many roles that board members can play which will enable them to strengthen their organization’s funding sustainability – and involve no soliciting.

This session will acquaint participants with the different fundraising roles they can easily learn and actually enjoy. Key tasks including identifying funding prospects and stewarding relations with passionate donors are ones that anyone can perform and make a huge difference in the lives of the families and communities they serve.