Welcome back Rob!


“I am pleased to announce that Rob Lavery joined the ministry this week as the Cultural Consultant on the library portfolio. Rob will be familiar to many of you having spent almost two decades working at the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) as a Library Development Consultant. Rob can be reached by email at rob.lavery@ontario.ca or by phone 416-314-7154.

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Rob to the ministry!

Adam Haviaras remains your other contact here at the ministry to advise on the ASPL, library statistics, Public Library Service Awards and the PLA. Please note that Adam has a *NEW* phone number — 437-229-1267

Mima Casola and Diana Tudoran remain your contacts on the Public Library Operating Grant program in the Culture Grants Unit.

Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend,

Sarah Cossette

Manager (A), Libraries, Arts and Heritage Services Unit

Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries

401 Bay St., Ste 1700

Toronto, ON   M7A 0A7