Architects and Design Team of Ottawa Public Library-Library and Archives Joint Facility Share “Bird-Friendly Design Update”

“From the Announcement:

The project architects and design team have expressed a commitment to bird-friendly design for the Ottawa Public Library-Library and Archives Joint Facility. The following list captures the measures being taken in support of bird safety including some of the specifics regarding how we plan to deliver on this commitment:

We have considered the environmental context and recognize that the site is near the Ottawa River and relatively adjacent to migratory routes for birds along the waterway. To address this:

  • The siting of the building is intended to be positioned adjacent to green spaces and provide clear space for bird flights along these routes.
  • The building orientation and composition of exterior glazing to solid cladding is designed to minimize the potential for greenspace reflection on the building exterior.

Learn More, Read the Complete Design Update (approx. 600 words)

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