I Have Seen the Future—And It’s Not the Life We Knew


“In the very beginning of the lockdown you start thinking, Oh, this is just a quick thing; it’s just like a hurricane; it’ll be done in a couple of days,” Suzanne continued. “And then a couple of weeks into it, you start reading into conspiracy theories and rabbit holes, and then you get past that point, and you’re talking with your group-chat buddies and they’re sharing their cooking videos, and how they’re using beer and ketchup to cook food, just to make jokes. And then it gets to this point like, okay, this is getting old … when is it going to go back” to normal?

Here are some of the common themes:

There are two kinds of post-lockdown people.

Gradual reopenings can send unintended signals.

Life returns in dribs and drabs, and the new normal is not the old normal.

Living in the shadow of another wave is scary.