Agency Review Task Force Recommendations for Provincial Agencies

Treasury Board Secretariat

Ontario is embarking on a variety of large-scale transformative projects, called Smart Initiatives, to spend taxpayer dollars smarter and protect the sustainability of public services. The province’s work to review agencies is part of this plan.

The Agency Review Task Force has completed a comprehensive review of provincial agencies to improve services, fix inefficiencies and spend taxpayer dollars smarter. While the government is in the process of implementing some of the recommendations, others require further work prior to implementation. This is a long-term plan to track and monitor the government’s progress in the coming years as it works to create a sustainable public service.

Our plan includes:

Using more technology to save people time

Digital tools can help agencies to deliver simpler, faster, better services. That’s why agencies are expanding digital options to make their services faster and more convenient. For example, agencies will focus on providing people with the option to file documents electronically, and the Ontario Labour Relations Board is working to make appearances at hearings available remotely over video conference.

Finding more revenue opportunities and costs

Some provincial agencies generate revenue or recover costs. This helps to make their services sustainable and enables continuous improvement for the people they serve. We are looking at ways we can increase opportunities to earn or recover money while continuing efforts to improve services for Ontarians.

Improving how agencies operate

To deliver services to the public, Ontario’s agencies spend time and money on a variety of products and services. Like a business, this includes administration, such as paper filing systems. Agencies in similar sectors will look for more ways to share information and collaborate to reduce overlap and duplication.

Ensuring well-governed agencies

Agency board members provide important advice and guidance to government on a variety of topics that impact Ontarians. That’s why it’s important that board members have the skills required for their role. We’re improving agency governance by ensuring members appointed to agency boards have the expertise and knowledge needed for their positions.

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