“Bill 148 Budgeting Tool

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Bill 148 (the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017) outlines a number of changes intended to improve employment conditions for Ontario workers. These include raising the minimum wage, providing staff with a minimum of three weeks’ vacation after five years with the same employer, expanding personal emergency leave and creating fairer scheduling rules.

As the employer of one million people, the nonprofit sector is affected by Bill 148. We know that nonprofit employers are keen to meet the changes outlined in the legislation and offer decent work to their employees, but are also concerned about the impact on their budgets. In an ONN survey of nonprofit organizations, more than half the respondents said they would advocate for increased funding from their funders to help pay the additional costs related to implementing Bill 148. As part of a broader initiative to educate and support the nonprofit sector in meeting the requirements of the legislation, ONN has developed a budgeting tool for three specific aspects of Bill 148. This tool will help organizations budget and advocate with their funders.

We will analyze the data we collect and share our findings on how these changes affect the nonprofit sector.

Budgeting tool

Use this tool to explore changes related specifically to three areas of this legislation:

  • Personal emergency leave (two paid days)
  • Extended vacation leave for staff over five years at one organization
  • Minimum wage increase to $15/hour (if applicable)

To use this tool you will need:

  • General organizational information (like annual budget, region of operation and number of staff)
  • Payroll information (such as salary levels and number of employees)

Due to the complexity and interpretation of the legislation, this tool cannot estimate certain changes including public holiday pay, domestic and sexual abuse leave, equal pay for equal work, or scheduling changes and shift requests/refusal (to be implemented in January 2019).

Funding for this budgeting tool was provided by United Way Greater Toronto.”