New and upcoming research

The Canadian Book Market 2019

Our annual tentpole publication, The Canadian Book Market, was released in April. From general to more granular data the report breaks down into 30 subject categories, each one of these categories includes number of ISBNs reported, top-sellers, pricing and format information, week-by-week performance, top distributor & market share.

You can see some highlights in our press release.

COVID-19 and its impact on Canadian reading

BookNet developed and fielded a short survey to Canadians at the end of March and beginning of April that asked questions about reading and leisure behaviours since the beginning of physical distancing in Canada. We shared the results in our two part blog series which you can read here: Part one and part two. We’ve also looked into sales trends and library borrowing during this period, you can see all our COVID-related content here.

Canadian Leisure & Reading Study 2020

This free report looks at how Canadians are spending their leisure time and the behaviours of Canadian readers.

Using data from BookNet Canada’s survey of 1,266 adult, English-speaking Canadians, it asks in-depth questions about Canadians’ leisure activities, with a particular focus on reading behaviour and preferences such as where readers like to find and obtain books, what devices, apps, and subjects they prefer, and more. See our press release for some highlights — including the fact that readers are much bigger podcast listeners than non-readers.

Press Play: Audiobook Use in Canada 2020

We are very close to releasing the update to our 2018 audiobooks study, Readers Are Listening, which will be released on June 8.