An idea for those communities where getting to the library is hard:

Canada’s first ridesharing and transit partnership: UBER
Located an hour north of Toronto, the Town of Innisfil has been searching for a solution to their public transit needs for a long time. With a low population density, how can they bring convenient transportation to their community?

The Town needed an answer. In 2016, they reached out to see if, together, we could establish an innovative solution.

We co-designed a custom transit solution, Innisfil Transit, a first-of-its-kind partnership that offers residents an affordable and convenient transportation option—using the Uber app.

Since its launch on May 2017, Innisfil Transit has enabled thousands of residents to connect with the commuter rail station, get to work, go out with friends, or visit their doctor. Further, hundreds of drivers have earned money by helping to move their community.

Small Ontario town’s Uber partnership could signal shift for Canadian public transit

Innisfil recently announced it would expand its ride-hailing program, which it says is cheaper and more efficient than traditional bus routes.