Canadian Bar Association – Alberta Branch Publishes Inclusive Workplace Toolkit

“The Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) has published an Inclusive Workplace Toolkit:

“This toolkit is designed to support lawyers in every practice setting in cultivating an inclusive workplace culture. We have included a variety of resources to take some of the legwork out of addressing specific issues that you may be facing in your practice now, or choosing to proactively address. The CBA does not endorse any of these resources – we solicited recommendations, reviewed offerings, and included resources that respond to areas of need identified in our survey of the profession.”

“The Policies, Procedures, and Exit Interview template included present a model option from a relevant authority. These were prepared with a variety of practice settings in mind, but may require some adaptation…”

Table of contents:

  • Experts in Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture
  • Model Policy
  • Supports from Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society
  • Sample Investigation Protocol
  • Meaningful Exit and Stay Interviews”