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I have interviews tomorrow so I am unable to attend the meeting.  Karen Anderson, Director of Public Service will be attending for HPL.  A lot has been going on with CULC so I have put together some highlights for you.  If you have any questions please let me know,

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Update from CULC (Canadian Urban Library Council) –April 2018, Paul Takala

CULC is getting ready for a Spring Meeting in Regina on May 1st.  It is being held in conjunction with CARL, the CFLA National Forum and the Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA) Conference.  The meeting will be my last as Chair of CULC.  Pilar Martinez from EPL is the incoming Chair.  I want to thank Susanna Hubbard Krimmer for serving as Treasurer and Louise Procter Maio for serving as Secretary for the last 2 years.  Items of major focus of the May meeting will be: Human Resources related issues and Artificial Intelligence and Libraries.


Some other updates from CULC:

  • Digital Literacy Exchange – CULC has submitted a funding application to the Federal Government for the Digital Literacy Exchange Program to support Digital Literacy programs through public libraries.   This application was support by CFLA and others.  The intention is to create programs that would provide funding to public libraries of all sizes to support digital literacy programs.  There is an important research and evaluation component to the application.    We know libraries are already heavily engaged in supporting Digital Literacy and it would be great if we could get federal funding to support this.
  • OLA’s Digital Skills for Youth Application – CULC supported OLA’s application that focussed on publicly funded libraries from coast-to-coast (not just Ontario).
  • Public Library Leadership Program (PLLP)– The 3rd cohort graduated at a reception held at OLA.  Wendy Newman is working on an evaluation report on the effectiveness of the program.  The program has been very successful and CULC members remain highly committed to it.  We are now accepting applications for the 4th cohort which will start in October in Calgary.
  • eBooks – The CULC eBook Task Force continues to work on access and other issues related to public libraries.   We encourage libraries to advocate with their vendors terms consistent with the Public Library Principles for Licensing Digital Content developed by the group.   A couple issues the team is actively working on:

o   The problem with publishers using Audible (An Amazon Company) to create their eAudio books.  The issue is that Audible does not sell their content to libraries and libraries then need to either not offer, or if possible source a US or UK version.  This issues has been raised with the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP).

o   OverDrive Overpayments – the group is currently seeking legal advice and determining the best approach to addressing this issue.

o   Toronto Public Library and Ottawa Public Library continue to lead the campaign for Fair eBook/eAudiobook Pricing (

  • National Union Catalogue (NUC) Roundtable –  We continue to work with LAC to ensure a successful migration to the new NUC, Voila.  Moving our NUC to the OCLC platform creates challenges for some libraries that are not OCLC members.  We are encouraged that LAC is looking further into issues of access and what solutions LAC or the library community may be able to develop to ensure everyone library in Canada can engage with our NUC.  It will likely take some time for solution(s) to be developed.
  • Library Shipping Tool – CULC continues to provide the service; work with Canada Post; and provide support to the 2,500 libraries that are using the tool more than 70,000 times per month.  CFLA has done some advocacy related to this to ensure the program is properly funded and that obstacles to using the electronic payment tool are removed.
  • Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) –  The organization that provides materials and leadership for print disabled Canadians, continues to get CULC support primarily through Governance and shared vision support.  CULC/CBUC Vice Chair, Pilar Martinez, joined the Board this year alongside at least 4 other CULC member representatives.  CELA expanded to serve more than 90% of all Canadians.
  • Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) – CULC centrally and through members are continuing to contribute to the leadership of this organization to help it advance the objectives set out by the Canadian library community during the closing down of CLA.  CULC continues as a leader in terms of financial contribution, but also in terms of working with CFLA, CARL and others in setting the National Agenda and priorities.
  • LAC Stakeholders Forum – CULC remains actively involved with the Stakeholders forum and is supporting other initiatives such as the National Digital Heritage Strategy and advancing the Ottawa Declaration around collaboration in the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).


Regular updates on news related to CULC and the Canadian library community are posted on the website:  We also publish research reports on the website.



Paul Takala, Chief Librarian/CEO,  Hamilton Public Library

55 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON.  L8N 4E4, 905-546-3215,