Over the past year, the Centre for Free Expression (CFE), in conjunction with the Edmonton Public Library (EPL), has developed a course for libraries to use for staff learning and development on intellectual freedom.

CFE will provide virtual train-the-trainer sessions for staff whom libraries select to deliver the intellectual freedom course.

The train-the-trainer sessions will review the material in the intellectual freedom course, describe the options built into the course so it can be customized for each library’s staff, provide background on issues raised in the course, and discuss questions and issues likely to arise when the course is offered.

The first Trainer-the-Trainer session with be offered virtually on Friday, October 6, from 12-3 pm EDT. Registration will be limited to 30 participants who will be offering the intellectual freedom course in their library. The library CEO or designate should complete the online registration form available here.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 22