I am very happy to announce that the Canadian version of Getting Started: Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print disabilities: A practical guide for librarians is now available on the CFLA web site (English and French editions) in the Copyright section. In addition, a media release was issued yesterday in celebration of National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) May 31 – June 6) and is available at the following links:



Our thanks go out to the Copyright Committee and all the individuals who worked to create this Canadian guide.

Please share this good news with your Association and Committee members and colleagues who will greatly benefit from this helpful tool.

Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for Persons with Print Disabilities: A Guide for Canadian Librarians

June 1, 2020

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) today announced the release of a Canadian version of IFLA’s Getting Started with the Marrakesh Treaty – a Guide for Librarians.

Originally published by IFLA in 2018, the Canadian version is customized to Canada’s copyright law and informs library staff on the practical steps to improving access to works, and sourcing works from other libraries around the world.

Getting Started: Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print disabilities: A practical guide for librarians

Guide de démarrage. Mise en œuvre du Traité de Marrakech pour les personnes ayant des difficultés à la lecture des caractères imprimés : guide pratique pour les bibliothécaires

Table of Contents


Praise for Getting Started


Important Notes before Starting The Marrakesh Treaty: The Basics

1. What is the Marrakesh Treaty?
2. What does the Marrakesh Treaty do?
3. Why was the Marrakesh Treaty adopted?
4. Were libraries involved in developing the Marrakesh Treaty?
5. What countries have joined the Marrakesh Treaty?
6. Who benefits from the Treaty?

Libraries and the Marrakesh Treaty

7. How does the Marrakesh Treaty support library services?
8. Is my library eligible to provide services under the Marrakesh Treaty?
9. Is my library obliged to provide services under the Marrakesh Treaty?
10. What can libraries do under the Marrakesh Treaty?
11. What works are covered by the Marrakesh Treaty?
12. What is an accessible format?
13. How do libraries share accessible works?
14. Does my library need to keep records?

Accessible Book Services

15. What accessible book services already exist, and is my library eligible to participate?
16. How can I find out about other libraries with accessible collections?
17. How can libraries make their accessible format works discoverable for other libraries?
18. Can my library charge to provide an accessible book service?
19. Do libraries have to pay royalties?
20. Canada has a “commercial availability” check. How does that work?
21. There’s a digital lock on the non-accessible work. Can I remove it?
22. The e-resource licence doesn’t allow the library to copy or distribute a work. What can I do?

Further reading

Creating Accessible Formats
23. Where do I find information on creating accessible format documents?
Other Marrakesh Guides
24. Are there other guides to the Marrakesh Treaty?


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