All FOPL members are also members of CFLA:

CFLA Updates: AGM, New Board of Directors, Library Core Values

February 7, 2017

The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA-FCAB) held its first annual general meeting last week in Toronto.

Some highlights:

New Executive and Board of Directors

Member associations voted on the slate of candidates nominated by the multi-sector library associations and by CARL, CULC, and a francophone library association. The CFLA Nominations Committee also nominated a representative of Canadian Indigenous ancestry.

  • Atlantic: Kathryn Rose, nominated by APLA, NSLA, and NLLA.
  • Quebec: Robin Canuel, nominated by ABQLA.
  • Ontario: Shelagh Paterson, nominated by OLA.
  • Saskatchewan and Manitoba: Alix-Rae Stefanko, nominated by SLA and MLA.
  • Alberta: Peter Bailey, nominated by LAA.
  • British Columbia: Daphne Wood, nominated by BCLA.
  • Northern Territories: John Mutford, nominated by NWTLA.
  • Donna Bourne-Tyson, nominated by CARL.
  • Paul Takala, nominated by CULC.
  • Carole Laguë, nominated by ABPQ.
  • Camille Callison, nominated by the CFLA-FCAB Nominations Committee.

The Board appointed the following officers:

  • Chair: Peter Bailey
  • Vice Chair: Paul Takala
  • Secretary: Alix-Rae Stefanko
  • Treasurer: Shelagh Paterson


The Federation published its 2016 Annual Report (PDF) and 2016 Financial Statements (PDF).

The chairs of the CFLA Truth and Reconciliation Committee and the CFLA Copyright Committee delivered the reports on behalf of their committees. These will be published to the CFLA website.


The Federation endorsed the American Library Association’s (ALA) statement opposing policies from the United States government that contradict the Association’s core values, including access to information; confidentiality/privacy; democracy; equity, diversity and inclusion; intellectual freedom; and social responsibility.

CFLA/FCAB champions values that include access to information, privacy, democracy, equity, diversity and inclusion, intellectual freedom, and social responsibility. Libraries are safe and inclusive spaces that build social capital and support discovery and creation. CFLA/FCAB and Canadian libraries stand together in unity with our American library colleagues in support of welcoming and inclusive communities.

— CFLA/FCAB Endorses ALA Defence of Library Core Values