Chair quits amid struggle for control of Richmond Hill library board


Bishop handed in his letter to the board and the city council on Oct. 11, putting an end to 22 years of service as a board member and 10 years as the chair on the library board.

“I don’t want to be associated with dismantling what I consider to be a well-designed, well-organized organization,” Bishop told The Liberal on Nov. 6.

“His resignation came less than two months after CEO Louise Procter Maio announced her retirement from the public library service in September.

The former board chair said while there were many factors that led to the decision, he was in particular concerned about the impact changes to the board over the past months would have on library services in the future.

Four Richmond Hill councillors have joined the library board amid disputes over legitimacy of the appointments of some board members earlier this year, resulting in the removal of a majority of the citizen volunteers.”