Hot Tips for You


“Here’s a short list of some dos and don’ts:

  1. Never “borrow” emails from other writers.
  2. Don’t buy lists.
  3. When someone signs up to receive regular blog posts or whatever you’re offering, send that person a welcome email immediately.
  4. Segment your list. If you write historical fiction and romance, segment those different readers into their appropriate categories.
  5. Know your audience. Create a reader persona and write to that reader. If you write nonfiction, your readers will want to learn information from you. I always give away my best tips. So help your readers and give them the information they need and desire. Your great content is what will spur your readers to buy your books. So don’t be stingy. If you write fiction, let your readers know what you are writing now. And introduce them to authors in your niche who you respect. Don’t forget to send them an occasional short story or the first chapter from one of your books. I know an author who sets up a website devoted to giving away the first five chapters of his novels.
  6. Check the analytics from each newsletter sent. How many clicks did that email garner? Etc.
  7. Encourage your readers to reply.
  8. Learn how to keep your emails out of spam folders. For example, don’t include too many links in your messages.
  9. Always include an unsubscribe link. You don’t want angry people on your subscriber list.
  10. Don’t forget to send the occasional freebie. We all like receiving unexpected, valuable, free gifts, right? Do it!”