The Community Hubs Strategic Framework and Action Plan was reaffirmed in Ontario Budget 2016.  Here’s the note from the chair of the Premier’s Task Force:

“Hello Everyone,

As you may be aware, the Ontario government released its 2016 Budget on Thursday February 25, 2016. I was very pleased to see community hubs referenced in the Budget, demonstrating the government’s continued commitment to making community hubs a priority. The government reaffirmed its acceptance of all the recommendations in the Community Hubs Strategic Framework and Action Plan and is moving forward with new key initiatives recommended by the report, including:

  • Building local capacity by investing in a resource network for community partners, including an interactive and online resource centre to provide access to information, best practices and data for community organizations; and
  • Continuing to advance the recommendations regarding school priorities to support continued community use, including introducing changes that will allow greater opportunity to parties interested in acquiring or leasing surplus schools.

I am also honoured to work with you in this endeavour, as I will be continuing my role as Premier’s Special Advisor on Community Hubs and Chair of the Advisory Group through 2016-17. I will continue to advise the government on the implementation of the Action Plan’s recommendations, balancing the province’s leadership role and locally driven efforts to develop community hubs. We know that in order to be successful, we need to engage and strengthen local partners to help identify concrete solutions as well as supporting their essential role in implementing the solutions.

We have already made significant progress. The Budget highlighted a few examples of hubs already working to use public space to integrate services that better meet the needs of their local communities. I continue to be inspired by the work of the local heroes from across the province who work tirelessly to better serve their local communities. I look forward to continuing to work in partnership and sustaining open conversations as we move forward on the implementation of Strategic Framework and Action Plan.


Karen Pitre