Toronto Public Library does it again.  And they’ll share the code with you!

Confused about the upcoming city election? The library is here to help

“If your head is still spinning from all the changes to the wards boundaries and candidates in the upcoming municipal election, Toronto Public Library has got your back.

The library has created an interactive website called Know Your Vote T.O., complete with non-partisan info on what ward you’re in, who the candidates are and what they have to say, and even summaries of the major issues.

While it’s the first time they’ve offered such a resource, Vickery Bowles, the city librarian, says she sees it as a natural part of their role as “a cornerstone of democracy.”

“We’ve been a democratizing force in the modern world and people sometimes don’t think about that when they think about libraries, but that’s absolutely an important essential part of the work that we do,” she said.

The website was in the works well before Premier Doug Ford shook up the election by unexpectedly chopping the wards almost in half, and aligning them with provincial ridings.

It’s been “challenging” to create the site amid the uncertainty of shifting ward boundaries, Bowles said, but that makes it “probably a more important resource than ever.””