Canadian Urban Library Council (CULC Update) – Paul Takala, Chair

November 2017


  • Fall 2017 meeting held in Vaughan – October 2 & 3 – Civic Centre Resource Library
  • Spring 2018 meeting to be in Regina in conjunction with CFLA,  SLA, CARL

o   May 1 – CULC

o   May 2 – CFLA – National Policy Forum

o   May 3, 4 – SLA

  • Fall meeting some points of focus:

o   Intellectual Freedom 21st Century Challenges – about space, exhibits, technology

o   Security Issues in downtown libraries  – some libraries starting to administer naloxone – working with municipalities – developing standard definitions on security incidents

o   CULC setting up a network to connect HR leaders with each other

o   National Heritage Digitization Strategy

o   eBook Task Force – Public Library Principles for Licensing Digital Content, Overdrive issue

o   Endorsed ULC Statement on Race and Social Equity

o   Investigating a possible study tour


Canadian Federation of Library Associations

  • The Federation hired a new Executive Director Katherine McColgan []
  • CFLA-FCAB issued a statement on Québec Bill 62 : An Act to foster adherence to State religious neutrality
  • Consultation on the Copyright Board Review – The Canadian Government is currently undergoing its five year review of Copyright Legislation.  With this in mind the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) made it an early priority to establish a Copyright Committee made up of experts from the library community.  That committee has been working throughout 2017 articulating a position to present on behalf of the Canadian library community.  In September a Brief on the Reform of the Copyright Board of Canadawas submitted. In all, the brief included seven recommendations.  The first three recommendations focus on ensuring the Copyright Board takes a balanced approach to decisions, both considering rights holders and the public interest:
  • The CFLA supports the creation of an explicit statutory mandate for the Copyright Board – one that focuses the Board on the public interest and the maintenance of fairness amongst the multiplicity of interests inherent in the copyright environment.
  • The CFLA believes that the public interest will be better served through the inclusion of a statutory process for intervenors before the Copyright Board and establishment of a system for making funds available to ensure a broad range of interventions.
  • The CFLA supports the enactment of a list of decision-making factors the Board must consider in its decision-making – but recommends it appear in the Copyright Act itself.

The other recommendations relate to changes to the tariff process before the Copyright Board.   The Federation Copyright Committee has helped strengthen alignment and coordination between the academic and public library communities.

  • CRTC Community Programming Public ProceedingsCFLA-FCAB along with the Ontario Library Association delivered a joint presentation on October 18th to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) public proceedings on theRenewal of the broadcasting licences for terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertakings that will expire in May 2018. The panel expressed great interest in the role that libraries could play in this area, posing a number of questions. We are preparing a letter to respond to those questions more fully.
  • Cataloguing & Metadata Standards Committee – To enable Canada to continue to participate in developing North American cataloguing standards a committee has been established.  This committee will work on RDA and ensure CFLA has representation on the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing (CCC) and the Canadian Committee on Metadata Exchange (CCM).
  • Indigenous Matters – building on the work of the CFLA Truth and Reconciliation Report a standing committee has been established.  Some current key activities include:

o   University of Alberta’s MOOC

o   Working with UNNESCO and National Film Board on programs in libraries

  • Intellectual Freedom – The next committee the Federation will be establishing is an Intellectual Freedom Committee to ensure we have an active national voice supporting intellectual freedom.
  • Federal Pre-Budget Consultation – Federation submitted a brief that focused on 4 areas:

o   Investment  in library services and infrastructure

o   Funding to support the Library Materials Service – Shipping Tool

o   Digitization of archival materials – NHDS

o   Library services targeted at Indigenous peoples



Paul Takala

Chief Librarian/CEO

Hamilton Public Library

55 York Blvd, Hamilton ON L8N 4E4, 905-546-3215