Edmonton Public Library worked with Nordicity to calculate the library’s economic impact on the City of Edmonton. Using a methodology similar to that used by Toronto Public Library, Edmonton Public Library’s impact is significant:

  • EPL’s total economic impact is calculated by adding the the value of using collections, and the value of programs and services, to the impact of operations spending, to arrive at a figure of $187 million, annually (averaged over a 3-year period)
  • For every dollar spent, EPL generates $3.11 in value, or the equivalent of $212 per resident

EPL and Nordicity calculate the Use Value, which is the value that library customers derive from using EPL’s collections, programs and services.

  • EPL generates a total of $131.5 million in value for Edmonton residents
  • Edmontonians save at least $131.5 million per year by using the library

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