We want Canadian representation! Also, libraries can choose to do a snapshot week or month whichever is easier for the library in terms of reporting.  FOPL was consulted on this survey initiative.  Please participate.

The eMeasures Snapshot survey is now live! I have included some information about the survey below that I hope you can share with your members. I will also be sending a separate media release tomorrow. Let me know if you have questions or concerns in sharing this information with your members via your typical marketing communication channels.


EveryLibrary is Partnering with Counting Opinions for an eMeasures Snapshot Survey

The EveryLibrary Institute and Counting Opinions have developed an eMeasures Snapshot survey designed to capture primarily virtual service usage data through a count week. The count week approach is intended to enable Library participation by minimizing the effort to respond to the survey questions and giving the Library the flexibility to prepare and choose when best to respond.

COVID-19 has caused a decrease in traditional service usage and an increase in the use of online and virtual services. These factors emphasize the importance of digital data. The survey seeks to understand your typical digital presence (usage) along with some COVID-19 specific measures. The goal is to compile an immediately useful dataset showing Library service usage levels and to assemble national comparative results to be made available in the soonest possible time frame; both being immensely beneficial to libraries as they adjust to the new realities of patron behaviours and social norms. There has never been a more important time to demonstrate how your library is serving your community and learn how others are serving theirs.

The eMeasures Snapshot is Live! We encourage you to contribute your data to this national survey. You should have received login information by email. If you have not received your login information but would like to participate, please go to pldata.countingopinions.com.

How to Participate

  1. Review the eMeasures Snapshot survey and determine the questions you’re able to report on. All questions are optional.

  2. Choose an average week (seven consecutive days) between June 17 to August 31, 2020 to represent typical usage.

  3. Capture a week’s data for the questions you can.

  4. Login to the eMeasures Snapshot portal using the login information that has been sent to you. If you have not received login information, you can register from the portal.

  5. Fill in the survey with your count week summary data.

  6. Lock the survey

  7. Receive an email with an infographic report and summary information.

Data contributed before August 31, 2020 will be included in an analysis report which all participating libraries will be given complimentary access to.

Subscribers (Direct, Provincial or Association) to Counting Opinions will grant you complimentary access to additional comparative reporting, available through the eMeasures Snapshot portal. 

We look forward to helping libraries tell their data stories during this unprecedented time!Sincerely,

Ryan Patrick
Director, Customer Support

Counting Opinions