The Board of CELA is seeking a candidate and would like to share the following opportunity.

Expression of Interest – Centre for Equitable Library Access Executive Director

Expression of Interest – Candidates



Since October 2019, under the direction of our Executive Director Rina Hadziev, CELA has made significant strides to improve the user experience of the CELA website, develop new partnerships and continue expanding the collection of accessible materials and services CELA offers. As a board we have been very pleased with the progress thus far and look forward to the remainder of her term. We are grateful to the Greater Victoria Public Library for allowing Rina to devote this year to CELA, and it is with mixed emotions that we prepare for her return to her position there in the fall. Rina will be available to serve as a resource for the incoming Executive Director.

In order to ensure a smooth transition for our patrons, partners and staff, a sub-committee of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Equitable Library Access has been tasked with determining the market interest in the soon to be vacated position of Executive Director.

Interested individuals and/or organizations are encouraged to submit an expression as outlined below.

The Board is open to a secondment or non-traditional arrangement. The staff are decentralized and thus there is no requirement to be based in the Greater Toronto area. A successful candidate could be hosted by a public library; and will likely develop some local administrative and accounting support structure.

The job descriptions and operating requirements are below. Please submit or ask questions of the sub-committee through



The Centre for Equitable Library Access is seeking an Executive Director to act as the service lead of the organization and will possess a strong track record in organizational development and a passionate commitment to ensuring equitable access to alternate format materials for Canadians with print disabilities through public libraries.

The Executive Director will be the driving force behind this organization and will need to hold a wide diversity of skills and experiences to ensure success.


This hands-on leader will help move the organization to ongoing operations, working with the Board, staff, partners, and libraries to raise the profile, use, and efficiency of the organization. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Managing a virtual office with 5 FTE, and 1 PT Communication Manager and Bookkeeper on contract
  • Responsible for all organizational fiduciary and human resource obligations
  • Maintaining an overall strategy for CELA service development and provision in concert with the Board, Committees and Stakeholders
  • Serving as primary point-of-contact with partners, including CNIB, BAnQ,
  • BookShare and other content providers
  • Alongside the Board Chair, serving as a spokesperson for CELA with stakeholders and partners
  • Working with the Board to maintain and refine a sustainable financial model
  • Managing and leading Federal and Provincial/Territorial Government relations
  • Developing policies and processes for service delivery and provision
  • Providing support to the Board and Board Committees
  • Developing and implementing various strategies with regards to communications, service provision, collection development,
  • Canada-wide travel is a requirement of the


  • C-level leadership
  • Multi-level government relations
  • Budget and Human resource management
  • Training as a spokesperson
  • Non-profit organizational and administrative – as a volunteer and/or staff member
  • Significant and direct experience with the Canadian library community – preferably the public library sector
  • People management experience; preferably in a decentralized model
  • Strong technology skills – particularly around communication and virtual interaction
  • French/English bilingualism a definite asset
  • Personal experience with a print disability is an asset; and/or CELA or equivalent organizations working within Canada.



Launched in 2014, CELA is a national non-profit organization established by Canadian public libraries to produce and provide access to materials in alternative formats for Canadians with print disabilities. CELA provides collections and access services to public libraries, enabling them to serve patrons who have a visual, learning or physical disability that prevents them from reading standard print. CELA is a public library partnership organization governed by a Board made up of public library representatives from across Canada and is supported by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC), CNIB (the Canadian National Institute for the Blind) and a multitude of consumer organizations representing Canadians with print disabilities.

CELA enjoys provincial, territorial and municipal support across Canada. We have funding agreements in place with the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yukon. In addition, 34 libraries or library systems subscribe directly. We also have an in-kind agreement with the national library of Quebec.

Together with our partners and funders, we champion the fundamental right of Canadians with print disabilities to access reading materials in a format of their choice.

CELA endorses the CFLA-FCAB Communique on Anti-Black Racism and the CFLA-FCAB Position Statement on Diversity and Inclusion. CELA seeks out and encourages representation that reflects the diversity of our community, with the belief that being informed and guided by the broadest possible range of lived experiences makes us better. CELA recognizes the value of voices and perspectives from people of all abilities, ages, beliefs, gender identities, incomes, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. CELA also acknowledges that our society does not treat all people equitably, and we are working to make our organization, collections, policies, and practices more inclusive and equitable. We welcome feedback and opportunities to learn.


The Board of Directors is open to a variety of employment/contract arrangements including an initial secondment; employment contract; and/or a full- time employment arrangement. The compensation range will be commensurate with experience. Benefits negotiable.



Please submit electronically to the sub-committee, a cover letter, CV and any other relevant documents and experiences by noon PDT on July 13, 2020.


Telephone and/or video interviews/discussions will take place the week of July 20th. Ideally the successful candidate will start on September 8, the Tuesday after Labour Day – though negotiable.




Call for Expression of Interest – CELA – Executive Director

Déclaration d’intérêt – CAEB – Directeur Général Directrice Générale