Budget 2016


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Table of Contents

A New Approach


The Path Forward

Taking Action to Grow the Economy

Economic Impacts of Measures

Chapter 1 – Help for the Middle Class

Investing in Skills and Training

Chapter 2 – Growth for the Middle Class

Chapter 4 –A Clean Growth Economy

Chapter 5 – An Inclusive and Fair Canada

Supporting Canada’s Veterans

Enhancing Public Safety

Chapter 6 – Canada in the World

Expanding Immigration

Improving Export Verifications

Defending Canada

Chapter 7 – Open and Transparent Government

Chapter 8 – Tax Fairness and a Strong Financial Sector

Annex 1 – Details of Economic and Fiscal Projections

Annex 2 – Economic Impacts of Budget Measures

Annex 3 – Debt Management Strategy for 2016–17

Tax Measures: Table of Contents

Tax Measures: Supplementary Information

Tax Measures: Notices of Ways and Means Motions

Tax Measures: Explanatory Notes – Eligible Capital Property

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