NOTICE: Issued Jan. 15, 2019
Please send in your voting proxy forms attached ASAP if you’re unable to attend the 2019 AGM at OLA Super Conference. We need to ensure that we have quorum.
We now know the room location and all documents are available on the FOPL website.
(This is an open meeting but only full members may vote.)
Final (3rd)Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries will take place at the at OLA Super Conference

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto 
Thursday, January 31st, 2019 – 4:00 p.m.
Registration opens – 3:30 p.m

Location: ICTC (Intercontinental Hotel at MTCC) Ontario Room

The complete agenda package with attachments is posted and updated on here:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on the Jan. 31, 2019 the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2019.  The order of business will include:

  • Receipt of 2019 AGM AGENDA
  • Receipt of Reports – FOPL Chair and Executive Director
  • Receipt of Treasurer’s Report, 2018 Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report Including Approval of Auditors for the Year (ending October 31, 2019)
  • Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes
  • Receipt of Reports of Working Groups and CELUPL
    •  Indigenous Library Partnerships Working Group
    •  Marketing and Communications Advisory Working Group
    •  Government Relations Working Group
    •  Library Provincial People Capacity Working Group
    • CELUPL
  • Approval of Proposed Resolutions (if any)
  • Vote on Bylaws Changes
  • Nominations and Elections to the Board for 2019
  • Other Business

[A limited number of Board documents will be available at the AGM. As they are received they will be loaded on to our FOPL website here for downloading –]


2019 will see openings on the FOPL Board up for election.

Caucus Openings

Large Urban Caucus – Trustee – Awaiting Appointments

Small-Medium Caucus Trustee – Awaiting Appointments

Rural Caucus CEO – Jennifer LaChappelle

Large Urban Trustee – Wayne Greco, Margaret MacLean, Kathy Fisher

Large Urban CEO – Mary Chevreau

First Nation CEO – Feather Maracle

Motion: That the names of those appointed and elected to the Federation’s board of directors by the various caucuses be received.

Emergency resolutions shall have the same requirements as regular resolutions, respective of word length and signatories. Emergency resolutions may be presented to the AGM where the matter provoking the resolution could not reasonably have been known by the submitting body more than 30 days prior to the AGM, subject to the approval of the Board.

Submission of Resolutions
Resolutions shall be prepared and submitted to the Board no later than Dec. 30th 2018. Resolutions, other than resolutions proposed by the Board, may not exceed 200 words in length, and shall be signed by the presiding officer and the secretary of the submitting body. Members, Associate Members, and the Board may submit resolutions to the AGM.

By-law amendments shall be regarded as resolutions, but must be approved by a two-thirds majority of those Members present and voting at the AGM.

Registration Costs
Members or Associate Members shall be required to have paid applicable annual membership fees for 2019 to be eligible to attend and vote at the AGM of the Federation. The fee schedule is based on the municipal population served:

Population Served Annual Fee Population Served Annual Fee
Under 5,000 $50 50,001 – 100,000 $3,000
5,001 – 15,000 $100 100,001 – 350,000 $5,000
15,001 – 30,000 $750 350,001+ $7,500
30,001 – 50,000 $1,500 Associates $500

Invoices for 2019 membership fees have been mailed separately to all existing Members and are payable before January, 2018. If you did not receive one, please e-mail

Need to Utilize Proxies
This notice contain a proxy form that allows Members to specify how their proxies are to vote on specific resolutions described and circulated prior to the AGM.  The proxy form is designed to provide Members who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the AGM, with a method of participation in the meeting.  Proxies also ensure that quorum is achieved for this very important meeting.  The AGM is the only cost effective opportunity to deal with critical, legally-required business each year.  Therefore, it is crucial that absentee Members exercise their right to utilize proxies, to ensure the AGM can be duly constituted and proceed without delay.


The Board of Directors will share with Members the details pertaining to all the 2019 AGM resolutions, if any, in the proxy form before January 31, 2016:

a)    The member library who is not attending the 2019 AGM can select one member of the Federation Executive (representing different caucuses) or any other Federation Director or delegate attending the AGM to be their proxy holder.

b)    A Federation director or delegate who is attending the AGM can approach another member library who is not attending the AGM to seek approval to be their proxy holder.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, your voting proxy Form is attached.


If Members have questions with any of the information provided in this Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting, they should contact your FOPL Administrative Assistant, Helen Morrison, at or (416) 395-5638.


Stephen Abram, MLS, FSLA
Executive Director, Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
FOPL: 416-395-0746
Twitter: @foplnews
Cel: 416-669-4855
Twitter: @sabram