Here is a short list of the FOPL initiatives:
1. FOPL has a specific First Nation Caucus with two First Nation representatives on the FOPL Board.
2. FOPL has an active Indigenous Library Partnerships Working Group.
3. A FOPL non-First Nation member library sponsors the membership of every First Nation Public Library in Ontario (about 42).
4. FOPL Provides a report on First Nation Library statistics and Measurements annually. (BTW – their performance is awesome)  This is free to all on the FOPL blog.
5. FOPL has Indigenous issues in our government relations platform and we have been successful in increasing funding to FN PL’s.
6. FOPL provided data and advice for the Ontario Culture Strategy with respect to the First Nation Public Library Assessment report.
7 . The FOPL executive director always attends and often speaks to the OLS-North Conference, OLA Super Conference FN Sessions, and the Annual First Nation “Gathering” (coming up in two weeks).
8. FOPL maintains a FOPL Indigenous Facebook Group where we share issues.
9. FOPL is working on a pilot with ORION to connect First Nation communities to the broadband internet and seeking funding for same.
That said, the most important stuff is always keeping the FN issues in front of the Ontario government and providing them with a path to success.