Federation of Ontario Public Libraries


All staff and trustees/board members of FOPL members can attend every session at no charge, but must register before hand. Click here to register. While much can be gained by attending any session, we do recommend that registrants try their best to attend all the webinars to gain the full experience and knowledge.

If you aren’t a FOPL member we would welcome you as a member. Call 416-395-0746 or check out http://www.fopl.ca for more information.

We also welcome non-FOPL members from across Canada and the United States. The following fee schedule applies:
* Note: all fees are site fees (that allows for an unlimited number of individual staff per site sign-on)

Full Series Site Licence

(4 webinars, 5 teleconferences, Super Conference Capstone Workshop):

Individual Sessions

(Single webinar or teleconference):
$50.00 each

Session Bundle

(3 or more webinars, or 3 or more teleconferences):

Super Conference Capstone Workshop


Registration is required


What Is FOPL?

Simply put: Ontario’s Public Libraries. Now more than ever before, public libraries play a critical role in the social, educational, cultural and economic success of the communities in our province. Public Libraries are an essential investment in the future of our communities and are essential drivers of success in school preparedness, reading readiness, economic and employment success, and social equity. As the development of the knowledge economy progresses, public libraries are a vital link for every resident and every community to ensure success of all Ontarians, regardless of location or background.

The Federation of Ontario Public Libraries represents Ontario’s over 400 public library systems exceeding 1,000 branches in virtually every Ontario community. Over 5 million Ontario residents make hundreds of millions of visits to the library, in person and virtually, every year. Libraries are trusted, accessible community hubs providing freely accessible professional service, technology, programs, and resources to a more diverse range of residents than any other cultural institution. Ontarians have voted with their library cards and passionate support for public libraries continues to grow in the digital age.